[J-Indie] Akai Ko-en (赤い公園)

One of my faves. I'm amazed these haven't been taken down yet.
Saw a pic on twitter today of Maisa hanging out with Sun Go (Show-Ya). Found that kinda surprising.

So they did add a new vocalist after all. I hope she's good cuz Chiaki's shoes are big ones to fill.

She apparently came from some idol group.

Doesn't sound too bad.

Sample of a new song (written by their bassist, oddly enough). Vocals are a bit iffy, but not bad. Music is neat though. I'm sure the vocalist will improve as she settles in.

Full song. She sounds ok here. At least they went for a vocalist somewhat similar to Chiaki, so they should be able to play the old songs no problem. I don't think she has the aggressive streak that Chiaki displayed at times. I'm just glad Nao didn't take over lead vocals. I don't mind her doing backing/additional vocals as contrast, but lead vocals, ummm... no.

[edit] Bummer, both got yanked (that didn't take long).

Collab with Airi Suzuki. Don't like the vocals, but the music ain't bad (no shock since Maisa wrote it). Solo section is kinda jarring.
New song:

1. Sony must be nervous about the lineup change if they are letting us see that in the US.
2. She's not bad, but will take some getting used to. Not sure if there are any issues with them playing older material but it should be interesting hearing her do them if not.
3. Kinda weird that she's not in the same place as the other three at all. I though maybe after the shooting stars converged maybe, but not even then?

It'll be interesting to hear how the music changes (if at all) to suit the new vocalist's range / tone.

Long time no see.

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