[Indie/Art Pop] vivid undress
PSA: Re:0 EP now out on iTunes, very good it is too.
All digitalphobes are missing out - this is seriously good shit...your choice I guess!
Begone apple shill! Tongue

There should be a physical release eventually maybe?
Occasionally, I write music reviews.
I'm going to wait a bit to see if they stock the CD at their webshop. How's the English version of that one song?
Yeah, it’s good and kiila’s pronunciation is surprisingly decent. I hope they don’t repeat the experiment but it doesn’t sound bad.
Slacking on the updates...on 15 Sep these guys released a kind of digital-only "best of" with the highly evocative title of "Vivid Undress Digital Selection" (10/10 for creativity guys...).

It's got 2 new tracks on it though...(#8 and 9 if anyone can't figure it out from the titles, I know I'm terrible with Japanese song titles).

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