[Indie/Art Pop] 1000say
1000say plays a brand of electronic pop/rock that's rather futuristic at times and pretty laid back. Not the easiest thing to categorize, so I'm going with the "indie pop" tag cuz I can't really call this J-Rock or J-Pop. The band is half male/female and the bassist and guitarist split vocal duties. They've done appearances outside of Japan, namely in France (no surprise here).

I wasn't really sold on their latest album (too much goddamn autotune), but this song is pretty good.

One of my favorites by them. Really uplifting song and I don't understand a single word.

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Damn, didn't release this band got reduced down to a two-piece. I didn't notice Michelle leaving, and NON quit in January last year.

I'm slowly revisiting their older stuff, since I'm more inclined to this type of music now than when I first got into them (must've impressed me somewhat to run out and buy all their CDs anyway). I wish they'd lay off the damn autotuned vocals though, that was a serious downer with Babylon.
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I saw them in France twice and the best performance has been at the FNAC in Paris, which felt like a Tower Records in-store event for a handful of fans only. I even ended up in one of their MVs ah ah (wearing my diy AION tshirt):


I'm the guy who shake Michelle's hand. And in another shot I'm behind the band and MAN is holding a Luna Sea symphonic album I purchased at Book Off before coming to their show. XD

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