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(11-21-2017, 11:56 AM)Perdition Wrote: Actually, it doesn't fully work. I have the "forum games" ignored, and that Hangman Thread showed up in the "view unread posts". It did not show up in "View New Posts" or "View Today's Posts", however.
The plugin tries to not interfere with others by default, although I know the proper variables for theoretically applying such changes. I'm starting to think that View Unread Posts is a redundant feature of ours. Simply clicking on View New Posts is viable enough.
View new posts is the redundant one (since it has a short time frame). I always check "view unread posts", and "view today's posts" is quite useful too.
I always click "view unread posts" myself.
Occasionally, I write music reviews.
Its works nicely as a notification system.
View Unread Posts is not default to the forum software, whereas View New Posts is. That's the reason why View Unread Posts is still pulling threads from ignored forums.
View new posts is pretty much garbage to me. It only shows like the last hour of posts (it seems, could be more) and finding
anything you didn't read that's older would require poring over every forum looking for bold topic titles manually.

That's about as useless as tits on a bull.
Unfortunately, I don't presently have a solution for this feature to affect View Unread Posts. If you use View Today's Posts, which is default to the forum software, then the plugin should affect that. I may tinker around a bit with combining the best of both worlds. Generally speaking, when you click to view the "last post" in a thread, it will automatically take you to the first post that was made since you last checked it, and that can be clicked from any other page. My theory is if I can merge the View Unread Posts display with View Today's Posts, I can at least have it so the forums that you're ignoring won't show up.
I hope that didn’t come off as completely insensitive, I could have should have phrased that better.

...unless you created bbcode?
Cuz if so, harsher might not be harsh enough. Wink
I believe this issue has now been fixed. I've replaced View New Posts with View Unread Posts, but the URL string will still contain "getnew", as opposed to "unreads", the latter of which just not getting along with the plugin. Anyway, you may still see a counter, but less results -- if you've ignored a forum or multiple, then there were posts made in them. Simply mark all forums as read and move on.
It's less convenient to browse the unread threads this way, but not enough of an inconvenience to justify the extra work of maintaining a "new posts" function alongside an "unread posts" option.
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