[Heavy/Power Metal] Varioustorm / Beginning of the End
Up-and-coming female-fronted heavy/power metal band with some potential. They only have one single out yet, but its pretty good and I expect to hear more from them in the future. I'm unsure of the vocalist's background, but the bassist is in Guiltys Law. There isn't too much on youtube, but I'll add stuff as I come across it. I notice they've played some new songs live, so I'm hoping we'll see a full-length or something in the new year.

I saw a couple other lives on youtube, but the quality was pretty bad, so I won't post them.

New live footage. Skip to the 1:30 minute mark. Some new songs.
Some more lives got uploaded:

Will probably pick this up, I think I tried to do so before but had "Amazon issues" - this was in the days before I had gone down the Buyee route so it should be fine now. The vocals are what sold me, I think.
Their sole single is pretty easy to get (last time I checked). It would be cool if they released something this year though.

This thread can cover Beginning of the End too (same vocalist). Anyway, they have their debut out in December (not sure if its an EP or album though).
Um, sounds like Varioustorm is doing well then? Dodgy
I wonder if they're a part-time or one-off thing?
(08-10-2017, 07:55 AM)Perdition Wrote: Anyway, they have their debut out in December (not sure if its an EP or album though)

It says 'debut album'
Oh sweet. I noticed that Varioustorm did play some newer songs live, I wonder if they'll wind up on this? I haven't seen any evidence of this as a name change and I'm not sure who the other members in BotE are.

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