[Heavy/Power Metal] Saber Tiger
Old-school Sapporo band, that's been around (in one form or another) for almost forever, but no one seems to talk about. Seen them live 3 times, and I think the current lead singer Takenori Shimoyama is starting to recognize me.

Sounds pretty ace from what I just checked out so far  Hand
The Hammer!

Looks like they got a European distribution deal.

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Didn't recognize hibiki at first...
I was pretty used to the pink/blonde hair look myself lol.
Occasionally, I write music reviews.
The three/quarter pants gave him away!
Good for them, they've only improved with age.
So what's the deal with this band and lineup changes? They're super unstable.

From the 5 or 6 albums I've listened to, though, they sound like a fairly Western heavy/prog band actually - more like Slauter Xstroyes than Fates Warning, though. And yes, they have gotten better with age - Decisive is my second-favorite of theirs, next to Timystery.
I'm only familiar with their latest album, but its pretty good. I'll have to get some of their other stuff one of these days.

No idea on the plethora of lineup changes though. Didn't they get everyone back together for an anniversary live or something?
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