[Heavy/Power Metal] Mardelas
One of my favorite bands at the moment. Essentially a supergroup formed by Destrose's vocalist Marina and Kikyo from Screaming Symphony, anchored by Light Bringer's rhythm section (bass-god Hibiki and Yumi on drums). They play an eclectic range of styles going from power metal to hard rock to J-pop to god knows what. Marina's vocals are the highlight here, but her backing band is really talented.

Taken from their first album and one of the more aggressive songs they've done. Marina does some pretty freakish high notes here.

And this is from their 2nd album and displays a more hard rock direction. She sounds a bit deeper and more normal here (and on the entire album, actually).
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Mardelas II is pretty interesting. It's definitely a lot more laidback than the first album. They also fixed the weird drum sound from the Thousand Cranes single, so that was nice upgrade. It's nice that hibiki finally contributed a song (HA☆NA☆BI); that one had a lot of fun bass slaps.
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Fixing the drum-sound may've been the best thing about this album. Kinda makes that Thousand Cranes single kinda useless.

I found this album to be somewhat normal compared to the debut, but I enjoyed it a lot (took some plays for it to click with me though). There's pretty good variation (both style and mood) and the album gives an illusion of a story arc or something.

I think they're working on album #3.
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Mardelas II is one of my top faves for 2016. For me, it clicked immediately, and hasn't let up. I absolutely love it.
It got around 20 plays for me. It was my AotY, but I think Octaviagrace may have dethroned it.

Not sure if I like it more or less than the debut (I think I've played that one like 40-50 times, so it must've done something right).
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I've listened to Snake to Revive and the new S2 ( 仮 タイトル ) single tonight.

As most of you probably already know, Snake to Revive consists of rerecorded versions of three songs Marina previously recorded with Destrose:
  • Nostphilia
  • MAZE
  • 霖 -Rin-
While I'm not ready to judge whether they're better than the Destrose versions, I like them for what they are, new takes on older material. The biggest difference that stood out to me is Hibiki's bass. He's just a madman on these songs compared to Miho from Destrose. Not to take anything away from her ability, but he's just on a whole 'nother level. They are all full band recordings, with great production, IMO. Nothing cheaply done. The packaging says KING Records, so this has label backing, even if it's a venue-exclusive release. That said, they've been selling it at lives for almost a year (since Feb. 2016), so either they keep making more or they printed a whole crapload of them. Whatever, I don't mind. I just like having it (finally).

The new single is brand new, so new it's not even completely titled. 仮 タイトル translates to "temporary title" (according my friend; Google says "provisional"). Either way, that might make it sound like a demo, but it's not. Again, it's fully produced with the whole band and I like it a lot. It's a very speedy number, which I like. They all sound great, and Marina sounds very energized. I really like the solo section, which has some back and forth between Kikyo and Hibiki.

So, this makes me very excited for the new album (not that I wasn't already, but having this as a preview just ratchets it up a notch or three).
Thanks for the write-up. It would be nice of Snake to Revive was sold at King's shop (like Light Bringer's Icarus) was. If the drums are ok on it, I'll try to get it if I don't enter a bidding war.

As much as I liked the rocky direction on Mardelas II, I hope they don't repeat it. A speedy assault for album 3 would be nice. Marina seemed a bit subdued on M2, was she doing more screams on the new song?
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Not really. She uses her range plenty and some of the background harmonies are pretty high up there, but no big beltouts, no. That said, I had to go back and listen to it a third time to make sure, because I liked it and I never caught myself thinking, "This part needs a scream." So, in my opinion, this song works as-is. But yes, I'd definitely like to hear her let out some hair-raising wails on the next CD. Smile
As much as I'm enjoying Mardelas I, it just makes me more mad that my copy of II is probably not coming from when I ordered it more than a month ago.

Side note: I think a great PV could be made for Hyperfly with the band dressed in 70's-era P-funk style. Big Grin
Mardelas II is pretty amazing, IMO. It was my favorite 2016 release — not just from Japan, but worldwide.

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