[Heavy/Power Metal] Loudstorm
Loudstorm is a three piece metal band based in Wakayama. I think they originally had a vocalist but seem to have slimmed down to three members a couple of years after they were founded in 2007:

Mats - Vocals, Guitars (ex-Schau Essen)

Brian - Bass (ex-Rastein)

Choco - Drums (ex-Aresz)

The band is basically based on guitarist Mats, who also picked up the main vocals. He’s a fairly recognizable figure as he’s pretty chubby for a Japanese guy and he’s a regular on the scene – you’ll see him fronting stuff like those ‘Wild Frontier/Sound of Death’ events. His support is usually pretty experienced and competent. Mats is pretty good fun on the guitar and his vocals are serviceable enough (not that you can hear much of them over the music most of the time). Lyrics are mostly Japanese with the odd English catchphrase for that extra ‘cool’ effect. Style-wise I guess you could say they’re a bit power metal, a little neoclassical and the remainder your basic everyday heavy metal maybe? Seem to have an enthusiastic audience anyway.

They’ve put out a few EP’s, before releasing a full-length ‘Metal Bom-ba-ye’ in 2016, which should still be easy enough to find.

Fun fact: When they originally kicked off they wore those Mexican style wrestler’s masks on stage, a theme which still appears on their album covers. Thankfully they gave it up at some point…

Anyway, a few songs:

And here’s one with someone else on vocals for a change:

Feel free to request a translation here. And check out my previous work in this section.
Please bear it mind I'm always busy though and it may take a while!
The latest 2 releases are on Slumber Records and not that difficult to find.

The older releases are all independent and sold out.
I have their "Live bootleg 2008" CD-R. It is pretty bad. I bought it cause they sounded nice live, but the CD-r sounds like a skunk had died in a garage.

Also, back in the day when Aldious started to become a thing they did a "Fuck jo-metal" event with Duel, so they are cool.

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