[Heavy/Power Metal] D_Drive
D_Drive is an instrumental neoclassical/shred outfit. They're one of the rare cases of having a male/female guitar duo and Yuki is very talented (one of the better female guitarists over there). Unlike a lot of shred outfits, I find them to be pretty fun and energetic (instead of boring, clinical wank). They do seem to be better in a live setting than on CD though.

A great band, i have all their full albums.
Got the last one from Seiji when they announced the pre-order 
last year and received a signed postcard too Big Grin

Although their music is global, no language restrictions whatsoever,
they don't seem to wish international recognition. So i think we will
never see an international tour.

At some point all members created facebook accounts which is not actually
necessary for Japanese bands, they use other media, and Yuki was very interacting
with fans, responding to comments etc. which is not so common for Japanese musicians.
She eventually closed her account due to being subjected to sexual harassment 
by some really fucked up people. I was really sad when i read the announcement.

My favorite tune is Unkind Rain.
They define their music as Drive Rock and Yuki's favorite guitarist is Steve Vai
(who would have thought, right?  Tongue )
Yuki is pretty decent with English. She (and the rest of the band) is pretty active on twitter. Sucks to hear about her getting harassed on her facebook account. I wonder if the perpetrator was from Japan or over here?

They have been to NAMM before (well, Yuki and Seiji) - I think they came over with Syu.

I *might* like their 3rd CD the most. dunno. They recently released a venue-release single.
(11-26-2016, 11:13 AM)Perdition Wrote: They recently released a venue-release single.

I know, i hope this is a taste of an upcoming new album.
I don't buy singles, except for old vinyl.
(11-26-2016, 11:16 AM)kosutasu Wrote: I know, i hope this is a taste of an upcoming new album.
I don't buy singles, except for old vinyl.

Let's hope. Their last single "Russian Roulette" eventually found all its songs onto the 3rd album (maybe in different form).

The problem with venue-singles is they're nearly impossible for people outside of Japan to get. You may fluke out and see it on yahoo auctions, but there's a risk of a bidding war.
They have a new single out and a video just up on their YT page

They also have their own online shop now but unfortunately only for Japan.
There are forwarding services we can use like Tenso though so it's ok.
Nice! Why don't I own anything from this band again? Weird.
Occasionally, I write Western and Japanese music reviews.
I've flogged them several times, sheesh. Tongue
I guess it was just sensory overload. Wink
Occasionally, I write Western and Japanese music reviews.
I really like this band. I watched the Live in Tokyo DVD today. It's a fantastic concert. All four musicians are amazing and they are very in tune with each other. And it's not all guitar wank, either; the bass and drums get plenty of room to shine. I would love to see them live one day.

I just placed an order through Noppin for that most recent single.
For those who are interested in that sort of thing, my collection on Discogs.com.

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