[Heavy Metal] Hurry Scuary / Bad Loser / Hell 'n' Back / Hideaki Nakama (中間英明)
Yeah, me neither. If it does exist, it had to be a tiny independent release of some kind. I wonder if someone could ask Dan Bryant or Hideaki Nakama about it.
Don't think anyone's posted this (or if they have, it seems odd not to have it in the guy's own thread, so here it is):

There will be a 30th anniversary show of "Point of No Return" later this year.

Interesting. Hoping that will be recorded for a physical release. He's got such a small body of work, yet I've never been disappointed by his playing. A Hell 'n' Back reunion needs to happen.
Wow, I'm sure that'll be a great show. I'd lean towards him most likely recording the show for release as a DVD or live album at some point. It's a pretty special occasion.
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