[Heavy Metal] Hurry Scuary / Bad Loser / Hell 'n' Back / Hideaki Nakama (中間英明)
Hurry Scuary was a Japanese heavy metal band that formed in 1983 and split up at some point after 1988, leaving behind a demo, two singles, and a full-length album. They reportedly reformed in 2014, but have since gone back to being inactive. They were also featured on the Battle of Metal split album from 1984, which also featured Rajas, Marino, and Sexual.

Killer cult metal with power metal leanings at times. Break It Up is a great release that can still be found for a reasonable price on the CD format.

For fans of Sabbrabells, Crowley, Anthem, and Terra Rosa.

The singer on the full length album is Yasuhide Minami, who also sang for Bad Loser originally, one of the more obscure names on the Mandrake Root roster.
The name is funny. I remember seeing the name before, but never listened to it. Definitely enjoy Feelin' High.
Always liked these doods. Kinda remind me of Make-Up. At least Reaching for the Sun does anyway.
I kept seeing their name and finally checked them out recently, I now have a copy of Break It Up.  Really good album
If you like Hurry Scuary, I fully recommend checking out Bad Loser (though they're incredibly hard to find), they released two full-lengths in the 90s and were basically Yasuhide Minami's continuation of Hurry Scuary. They had some fantastic songs, especially on their first album Utter Indifference. Bad Loser were yet another wonderful Mandrake Root band.
Yeah, Bad Loser is pretty good. Was watching a pretty insane eBay auction for one of their CDs the other day. Tongue
Aw man I know, their stuff goes for so much, it's right there with the rarest Mandrake Root albums, but unlike Babylon and Hellen it never got a re-release so the prices are astronomical. I keep telling myself I'll buy it sometime, but I can't bring myself to spend so much on it, I always see better stuff too.
Even the Hellen reissue goes for crazy prices. The last eBay auction that I watched went for as much as eighty-four dollars! Amazon.com's current listings are beyond the hundreds, too. It sucks when all you got of a particular band is a bootlegged shirt...
Information on the film Top Dog is pretty scarce, but I've found a full upload of it!

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