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YouRaw are a five member Tokyo-based HM/HR band with a twin guitar set-up that kicked off in 2013 who describe their sound as "adult-oriented metal" (and I don't think they mean Pornogrind!) They're pretty melodic but fairly mainstream metal / hard rock with a slightly retro '80's feel basically. Vocalist Masa often appears to be angling for a bit of a Rob Halford-ish style (vocally and sartorially), and that kind of sets the tone for the band. He doesn't have RH's original range, but then who does! The line-up has been the same since their start, as far as I know:

Vocals: Masa Oryu
Guitars: Toshi Nakata & Hiroshi Tsunaga
Bass: Shogo Kimura
Drums: Ryo Usuki

Lyrics appear to be a mix of Japanese and English. They've released a couple of full-length albums, 2015's Crucial Sign (which is hard to find now) and 2017's 'Heal the World' (which is available at all the usual outlets). They're a pretty fun band, if not exactly pushing the envelope in terms of songwriting and as long as you don't mind Masa's slightly cheesy vocal style.

Band web page is here , though they seem to update their Facebook more regularly.

Fun fact: Guitarists Toshi and Hiroshi also appear in 'The Roasted Chicken Band'. I felt you needed to know that Tongue

Anyway some music to give you the general idea:

Lead track off the first album:

And another of their favorites from that CD:

And from the second album 'Zero Fighter' (not to be confused with the band of the same name):

Another from that album, the slightly more aggressive 'Gladiator':

And, if you're a real glutton for punishment Big Grin , there's a whole set from the end of their 2017 tour up here:

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