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Post general Japanese heavy/power metal band recommendations and other discussions about them here. Best used for smaller bands that shouldn't necessarily warrant their own threads.

Well, I'm a huge fan of Precious, signed to Mandrake Root Records back in the day. I don't think they really took off after their very first album, sadly. The instrumentals remind me a lot of Shok Paris' Steel and Starlight.

Wolf was also somewhat power metal in style, especially on the song "Standing with Shout". Great stuff. Still looking for copies of Some Aspects of the Moment and Roll Over. So far, no luck.
I like that song Standing With Shout. Also the song Star Light.

Some definite great stuff. It's a shame that only one album was released, I think one, maybe 2 demos, a EP, and a compilation
Moon Struck was such a great female-fronted melodic heavy metal band. Hard to believe that the EP was released in 1998, but at the same time, it features musicians who were on Volfeed's 1995 EP, and even that one was pretty killer. Both are obviously still missing from my collection. No fair. Sad
Lately, I've been really into Mandrake Root and all the bands that where on them. They just got that feel that no other J-metal band got, like Dancer and Precious.

Also, Guardian's Nail is so amazing.

Current band of Volfeed's vocalist. Not bad. Not sure who else in the band though.
(07-06-2016, 03:07 PM)Perdition Wrote:

Current band of Volfeed's vocalist. Not bad. Not sure who else in the band though.
That's awesome! Good to see her back in action.

As for what Moon Struck's Mikoto is up to nowadays, I know that she maintains a blog called Grundgetta. She appears to still be playing shows, but nothing major.

This didn't do too much for me, but you guys may dig it.
I actually just discovered Vell'z Fire a few weeks back. I thought they were pretty good.
We need a Saber Tiger thread. I only know one CD (their latest), so I'm not in a position to create one.
Does anyone know if Bellzlleb put out any demos previous to the Satanic Metal release?

and also if the band Birmingham which featured ex- Sabbrabells members ever put out anything?

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