[Heavy Metal] Bridge of Tears
Bridge of Tears are an old school heavy metal band in the mould of Judas Priest. They're described on their Facebook page as:

An Orthodox Heavy metal band centered around KINYA, with his unsurpassably powerful high tone voice, a rare vocalist that combines charisma with a close resemblance to Rob Halford. Active in the indie metal scene in the early '00' s. In 2016, it was revived with new members!

They were originally active around 2000-2006 and released two EP's and a single (according to Encyclopaedia Metallum), before going quiet sometime after the release of the second EP, the eponymous 'Bridge of Tears'. After an eight-year hiatus, they seem to have had some sort of reunion in 2014, which must have been a success since they then became a fully active band on the tour circuit from last year again, being seen appearing with the likes of Baskerville, Manipulated Slaves, Blasdead and many other regulars of this site. Current line-up is as follows:

KINYA (Vocal) [from 2000]
HIDE (Guitar) [Düel, ex-Cemetery, Energy Strike]
Syunsuke (Guitar)
O-Zy (Bass) [from 2003, ex-Energy Strike]
Daichi (Drums) [ex-Rocket Queen]

No website or Twitter I can find, but Facebook is here

I've got the last EP, which seems readily available (and reasonably cheap) on Yahoo Auctions or Amazon.jp Good luck on finding the first EP (Rising in the East) or their single (Exterminator) though!

Judging by the EP, you could almost call them a bit of a Judas Priest tribute band in a way (hell, there's even a song on it called 'Steeler" Wink), though they're a very good one! There's generally plenty of other stuff going on instrumentally if you like this sort of thing too.

Anyway, there isn't a lot to go on in video terms but there are a few live performances around. I did find this from 2014 (which doesn't look like the most sober of performances!):

Painkiller found this from late 2016:

And this was the first time I saw them around, from earlier this year:

Anyway, this is much as an appeal for information as to try to sell you on them. Anyone got any further information on the band, feel free to add it below.
Well, consider my interest piqued . . .

But no more "new band" buying until 2018. I mean it. Srsly.
Fans of Hellhound and Metalucifer would enjoy this band.
I'm getting a Sabbrabells feeling from them too. Interesting sound, the vocalist is nuts!
(10-10-2017, 07:04 PM)bhg70 Wrote: Well, consider my interest piqued . . .

But no more "new band" buying until 2018. I mean it. Srsly.

Well on the up side, collecting the available discography of this band will involve getting all of one 2,000 yen EP Wink

(10-10-2017, 07:17 PM)TadakatsuH0nda Wrote: Interesting sound, the vocalist is nuts!

Looks like an entertaining live show fer sure, as long as you don't mind coming home smelling of beer Wink
BoT have a new live set up from the recent 'Revenge of Metal' show Blasdead put on:

Three videos in total. Looks like a few new songs in there too, not just oldies. Maybe they'll actually get around to releasing an album Tongue
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