[Hard Rock] Rie a.k.a. Suzaku / RiViNi
Not sure if anything has already been posted about this festival elsewhere.

Rie with instrumental band has been confirmed for the "Metal Matsuri" festival on 4-5 October 2019 in London.

This is great news but my immediate reaction is surprise that the promoters are able to finance a 10 band festival at this fairly small venue with all the costs of travel, work visas etc. Hope they have got it all together, seems very ambitious.

Yes, there’s a thread here.

I agree that the costs of staging all this seem scary, especially if a weekend ticket is a relatively modest £100.

In comparison, Western acts always seem to charge a premium to play Japan.

There’ll be VIP ticket sales on top of the base ticket price, but mathematically things seem daunting for the promoter. Oh well, we can only hope it’s a success and that they make enough money to repeat it.
Yeah, I certainly hope they're doing it all the right way. It would be a shame if they miscalculated and went broke trying to make this work, have the festival hosts held other multi-band events before perhaps?
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They have done multi-act events before (idols). And don't worry, with the ticket and VIP revenue everything should be alright. And one good thing is that the artists are very accommodating too. They don't worry too much about having the exact right amp etc. And many wouldn't even want performance fees I'd think, just like the exposure.
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There is a bit of a lost opportunity here. "Jill" the violinist on the track Universe is a member of Unlucky Morpheus and will be playing at the festival so they could in theory play this outstanding track with her guesting.
Rie would have needed a 7-string guitar and also possibly they might have needed a rehearsal room. Both of which I could find.

But they have decided there is not enough set time, she is only getting a 40 min set Sad

Pity as this is a work of genius with its constant time sig and melody changes, one of my favorite tracks of all time.


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