[Gothic/Symphonic] Silver Ash (銀色灰塵)
(07-04-2019, 01:08 AM)Lost_Horizons Wrote: Ooh, got a link? Sounds like an interesting read, I always find this kind of research stuff fascinating.

Thank you! I know far more about the guy in question than I ever needed to know. Especially given I had never heard of him before now. Tongue
Another example of chinese bootleg:


It comes from my collection and it's nearly impossible to find

Anyway, charateristic of the chinese bootleg are:

A Matrix / runouit with a fictitious label name (most of times printed in chinese only) and a fictitious catalogue number

As you can see (sorry the cd was in very bad conditions and I haven't ever found another copy) this CD has on the back:

Matrix / Runout: 胡日
Mould SID Code: YDD 03

Anothjer bootleg CD, still of Hurd (Mongolia) has this matrix / runout on the back:


Which stands for "Hebei Audiovisual Publishing House" which is an unofficial label.

So, most of times, if you want to buy a chinese cd, first of all just ask the seller to take a picture of the back of the disc, to check if the matrix/runout and other identifiers are ok.
Usually a legit CD has A LOT of identifiers on the back of the CD: Matrix/runout, sid code, IBAN, ASIN, ISRC, catalogue numbers...a lot of things.
While a bootleg CD (which are CD and not CDr. Low quality CD but "real" cd because it's forbidden to commercialize cdr and dvdr in China) usually as only a fictitious label name (most of times if not always, written in chinese only) and an even more fictitious catalogue number.
This doesn't mean that such a label doesn't exist. But it's obviously a bootleg label.
It may happen - it's typically chinese - that this boootleg label may mimick the name of a most famous/renamed label, why not....they count on the ignorance of the people (which is really high in China) and that's it. Not only as for CD or DVD but every other things. It's perfectly easy to walk on the street and see 2-3 storey shops of brands like "Abibas", "Mike", "Cucci", "Vesace" (or "Versacce" or "Verssace")....it's not forbidden to imitate a most famous brand name and make some slight modifies.... KFC, Starbucks, McDonalds...they have hundred of imitations in China which make million of yuan every month....it's perfectly allowed in China to imitate brands in oder to attract customers. There is no copyright laws in china and the government does absolutely nothing to prevent imitations and fakes because it's most important to protect the chinese business rather than defend the interests of foreign brands. China first. And chinese fantasy is allowed as far as it's a way to make money.
(07-04-2019, 01:08 AM)Lost_Horizons Wrote: Ooh, got a link? Sounds like an interesting read, I always find this kind of research stuff fascinating.

Looks like someone already beat me to it, but it's a fascinating read for sure! Laugh
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