Good Distros
This is a thread for users to reference if they're looking to buy an album, here you can mention reliable sellers who you have dealt with (whose catalogs always contain at least a good chunk of Japanese music). I'll add more names to the list over time as you guys vouch for certain sellers.

-Forgotten Steel *not sure if this seller is still active, had good dealings with him in the past, his catalog always featured really cool stuff.
-ThrashTilDeath69 *offers extremely rare items at very reasonable prices, have always had good dealings with this seller.
I purchased from yifang0821 on Yahoo Auctions, good seller.
I bought Aion's 'Plasmatic Mania' off Forgotten Steel quite recently, but his MusicStack account seems to be empty and his website doesn't work at the moment.

Can I talk about shops I have good experiences with as well? Because here are a few that might be interesting to European users:

me-shop - The shipping is a little steep if you just buy one item, but it doesn't go up if you order more. And they have loads of interesting stuff. Well worthy of your attention.
Simon from Game Over? - Game Over? is a second hand game store in Amsterdam that also sells J-Pop, J-Rock, K-Pop, Vocaloid and god knows what. Simon lists stuff they have double on this website. Super reliable and his store is worth going to if you're ever near the city.
Hellion Records - Not really Japan-related, but I got some stuff from the oldies (Saber Tiger, Anthem, Loudness...) from that site for a relatively good price.
AOR Melodicrock - Not really Japan-related, not so cheap, but there's some stuff that's otherwise impossible to get in Europe there. The seller is very friendly and helpful as well.
Oh yeah Forgotten Steel was a good one, I bought something from him on Gemm a few years ago, it appears he stopped selling anywhere though which is a shame. Those others look like some useful options, I'll check them out when I'm shopping for stuff one of these times.
I've said it before, but Wild One is a really good one. Owned by Blaze guitarist Hisashi Suzuki.

Also, eBay's Neco_kick is a reliable seller. His shipping prices are fair, and he even includes free CD jewel case bags with every order.
413tracks = reliable.

Wasn't any confirmation email, but everything arrived fine regardless. So don't panic if there's silence after buying something. My package was shipped registered. Normally I'd say "would've been nice to have a confirmation email with the tracking number" but Canada Post doesn't support tracking for registered packages over here.
Seconded. 413tracks wasn't super fast with either shipment, but they got here fast once they shipped and one had surprise bonus goodies.
Oh that reminds me, gotta give a shoutout to SakuraNapalm, very pleasant buying experience and a cool dude to talk to. Have seen numerous people buy from him successfully too outside of my own purchase.
Battle Cry Records has a pretty nice collection of non-western hardrock and metal. Most of it older and second hand, but I got some very valuable additions to my collection through them for a great price. And the owner is very helpful.
If you can't get enough of me giving my opinions without having asked for it, you can read more of it on my Kevy Metal weblog.
Can you contact him directly? Not sure I want to have to make an account to get one of his CDs.

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