General Non-Metal Concert Thread
The bands Shonen Knife and Mono are playing in Calgary tonight.

So JYOCHO will be making their first live performance for NMFT. Gozen Sanji to Taikutsu are also appearing on this (second time).

Why is Mary's Blood playing at an indie fest?
Why not? Tongue
Occasionally, I write Western and Japanese music reviews.
Because money.
I noticed Gacharic Spin and Band-Maid are also on this thing too. I'm sure their label got them in there. Nagoya seems to have a lot of these fests - and random metal ones sometimes pop up on them (like Octaviagrace at Gold Rush).
Gacharic Spin has been a common headliner at ELL for a few years. This is also where they put on that women's rock festival last summer.

Hopefully they'll announce a new release then. Convenient they have a song called "No. 9".

So they're touring with e:cho now. Neat.

There's actually more Dudemanguy bands than Perdition ones on this.

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