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[Split from DVD thread]
No disrespect to her predecessors, but she's a bit of a talent upgrade too. Not sure how they managed to land her. I'm amazed (and grateful) she didn't become a solo artist like Rie a.k.a. Suzaku.
Oh I wouldn't disagree with you there. I don't even like the material before her arrival all that much. Maybe she likes being in a band more than being a solo artist.
Plus having a fixed lineup (and vocalist) is a really good thing. Eye is as important as Saki in that band. I've always strongly preferred the band dynamic over solo artists (or one guy with a bunch of rent-a-hacks).
Although I love the band dynamic, I don't share that sentiment, because two of my three all time favorite albums were done by solo artists. However, it doesn't quite work in metal, so I agree to that extent.
I think outside of metal, it works when the artist does like everything (eg, Kate Bush). If its just a mouthpiece for some ghostwriter, um, no. I also like it when all the musicians have good familiarity/chemistry with each other. Mind you, just a person and a piano kinda bysteps all that.

I find solo projects from bands I like are always missing something. I love Edge of Sanity, but "Moontower" was just missing something. Mind you, I loved Nightingale's first album, so maybe that's an exception there.

I rarely like collaborations or side-projects these days (esp. if its something a label cobbled together). Some of Swano's side projects like Pan-Thy-Monium I like though.
Kate Bush is a great example. I was thinking more along the lines of Stevie Wonder, who performed 90 percent of the instruments on one of my favorite albums ever.

I think I really liked 'Moontower', but admittedly, it's been an incredibly long time since I last listened to it...
Moontower was one of those things I wanted to love, but just ended up liking. Crimson II (which was just another Swano solo album) rubbed me the same way. I liked the dynamic/chemistry of the old stuff. Even the hardcore songs I liked (not sure if they fit the albums they were on, but they were fun as fuck anyway). Uncanny how a band could have Bleed and a Sting (or was it The Police?) cover on the same MCD. lol

You know, even that Rami and Fuki Commune feel like they're missing something. I enjoy both, but I like their former bands far more.
They did 'Invisible Sun', right? That's The Police. Band dynamic! Wink
Indeed Laugh

I'm guessing certain bands (esp. younger ones) have a certain energy and dynamic that appeals to me. Sometimes, entire scenes. Sweden was in the zone in the 90s, I think. Even mediocre stuff from then was somewhat listenable to me. Well, except The Everdawn.
If a band uses both outlets, then they're on the right path to success, if they want to be noticed. I agree that there's more of an involvement with the Western scene, but I don't think there's anything wrong with that. If anything, it's probably a plus that the word is getting out there. From personal experience, most metalheads I know got into Asian bands through the likes of Metalucifer, Anthem, and X Japan.

Call me crazy, but since the creation of this forum back in July 2016, I've been seeing more and more posts about classic Japanese metal bands on social media...

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