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Hysteric Lolita announced they're going on hiatus at the end of the year. Lovely. Now I didn't see the word "indefinite" in there, so that means they could come back. They actually don't have a guitarist (Yashiro has been filling in) so maybe they'll get a new one. Usually a simple "hiatus" means line-up shuffle. "Indefinite hiatus" means they're probably gone for good.
There goes another band...
Occasionally, I write Western and Japanese music reviews.
I just should rename this thread into the 2017 disbandment/hiatus thread. And I'm sure that one won't be the last one.
You may want to start a new disbandment/hiatus thread every month for clarity purposes Wink

Not bad... sounds kinda xmas-y though (probably no shock, considering the title).
I'm liking that band a lot. I wonder if they're on Spo- nope, they are not.

Didn't know what I expected.

...Sigh, I'm too poor for music.

Not sure if this goes here or metal (they can get pretty heavy). Venue exclusive *grumble* I may try their mailorder though... Their last CD "Romanesque" was pretty good. Long as hell though.

New めてぃびる。release next year (another single?). I was hoping they'd do a full-length soon, they're long overdue.

Trailer for the all-girl J-Rock band Ecrin's debut MCD due on Dec 22nd.

Not sold on this, vox seemed pretty off. I liked the intro though. Given this is a debut and they haven't been around very long, they could turn into something decent assuming they don't lose a bunch of members and go on indefinite hiatus (they already lost one member). I think their drummer is the primary songwriter.

chouchou merged syrups. just officially announced their dissolution. Totally sucks, but I'm not actually shocked here.

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