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This thread is a dumping ground for news, videos, new releases, etc for all Japanese non-metal music from 2017. The remainder of 2016 is ok to discuss here too. If a band already has a thread in this sub-forum, please use that one for discussion. This thread can cover those bands, but in more general terms. If you're unsure if a band is metal or not, feel free to put them in here (some J-Rock can get pretty confusing).

Please be considerate with youtube embeds (it slows things to a crawl for some users). So maybe one video per 4 posts or something. Just use direct links if there's a bunch of PVs you want to share.

Anyway, for this year I'm looking forward to:

指先ノハク (Yubisaki-Nohaku) "Full Range" - all-female math rock. One of my favorite bands at the moment. Their new mini-album comes out on December 21st, so I hope the xmas rush won't interfere in me getting it. I made a thread for them here.

Qaijff will be releasing their new single "Snow Traveller" on December 7th. I have 3 other CDs of theirs on order and should be getting them soon. The few PVs I've heard impressed me a lot, so my expectations for this are really high. I may create a thread for them soon (but I'd like to get familiar with their discography first.

For next year:

Band-Maid "Just Bring It" - hopefully they continue the trend of taking over the songwriting. If someone wants to do a thread for them in the News forum, go for it. Enough people here listen to them to warrant one (and they're borderline enough to musically qualify).

I-Rabbits has a new MCD out on January 11th as well. I believe it was crowd-funded. They play a neat brand of piano rock. One of the older Japanese non-metal bands I got into (discovered them under Gacharic Spin's similar artists list on - funny, they don't sound alike at all).

Ghost Harlem - Killer Rebirth. Fairly aggressive J-Rock which borderlines on metal. If someone confused them for metal I wouldn't be bothered (they tour with metal bands too). I own a few previous CDs and they're not bad. I'll post videos here whenever something is released.
Well, Aquarifa announced they're going on indefinite hiatus in February. That pretty much ruined my day :/

There is mention of "release of new music", so I'm hoping they'll release one last MCD or something. That makes me want that "Shine" single even more now.
What a great start to this thread. Sigh.
This is worse than My-Butterfly breaking up. Even though I've only listened to them for a few months, they became one of my favorite bands. To be honest, I'm not actually surprised here. Bands over there (esp. indie bands) don't seem to last very long, and they've been going for a decade now. Not that many releases either (but all are excellent).

Their vocalist is involved in [.que]'s latest release - so I'm more inclined to check that project out now. Their drummer and guitarist are involved in After Six Passport (along with chouchou merged syrups. bassist).

chouchou merged syrups. is another band who I'm worried about the future of. They've been silent for the last several months (I haven't seen any announcements or anything).
Whoa, that's a lot of bands I've never heard of or listened to before. If only my backlog wasn't crazy long as is.

With math rock as the subject matter now, how about checking out a Chinese math rock band called Elephant Gym? They're pretty good, in my opinion.
Every band thread I started in this sub-forum is worth checking out, IMO. I'll probably open up a few more threads here soon. I usually like waiting until I own the band's CDs and I've played them a few times first.

I find with math rock, I tend to prefer it female fronted and either fused with J-Pop or more moody/atmospheric type stuff.

With releases from this year, I'm not 100% sold on that new Enthralls yet. I'll have to play it more though, but I'm most fond of their first MCD.
(11-12-2016, 02:49 PM)Perdition Wrote: Every band thread I started in this sub-forum is worth checking out, IMO.

Well I would hope you wouldn't start a bunch of threads about bands you hate. Tongue
Occasionally, I write music reviews.
I should do that sometime just to troll people Tongue

Not everything I post in the news or J-metal forum I'm huge on.

Pepesale's 1st video. Seems a little more moody/serious than anything off the 2 CDs I own. Believe it or not, this band tours with metal bands over there.
Rose & Rosary will be releasing their 4th CD "Undead Angelica" on Dec 23rd.


Disc #1:
TRACK01 讃えよ、愚鈍の王(SkyFish『Bunny☆Trap』ゲームBGM)
TRACK02 アンデッド・アンジェリカ
TRACK03 Cold Rain(INTERHEART『痴漢堕』オープニング主題歌)
TRACK04 Revenger(わるきゅ~れ『裏生徒会よ、肛門を制圧せよ!』オープニング主題歌)
TRACK05 ビヨンド・ザ・リミット
TRACK06 マリオネットの蔵書票(ダークネスポット『快楽傀儡』オープニング主題歌)
TRACK07 ディア・ベルメール(ダークネスポット『快楽傀儡』エンディングテーマ)
TRACK08 Grand Trine
TRACK09 ミーティア(INTERHEART『痴漢堕』エンディングテーマ)
TRACK10 Remaining

Disc #2:
TRACK01 降せば、運命の輪(SkyFish『Bunny☆Trap』ゲームBGM)
TRACK02 Nightmare Before Teaparty~Carroll~(わるきゅ~れ『魔装の国のアリス』オープニング主題歌)
TRACK03 Alice on Deadline~D線上のアリス~(わるきゅ~れ『魔装の国のアリス』魔装転身テーマソング)
TRACK04 デウス・エクス・マキナ(INTERHEART『淫らな魔法使いと救性主』オープニング主題歌)
TRACK05 LUCIFER(White Lily『Rosy Shooter』オープニング主題歌)
TRACK06 Nightmare Before Teaparty~Lewis~(わるきゅ~れ『魔装の国のアリス』オープニング主題歌アレンジ)
TRACK07 FOLKLORE(プロメテウス『恋と魔法と管理人~運命の歯車編~』オープニング主題歌)
TRACK08 冷えた心に闘争を
TRACK09 Sweety Girl
TRACK10 らぶ こんせぷしょん(INTERHEART『はらかつ!』オープニング主題歌)

I copy and pasted the tracklist from their homepage. No way in hell I'm going through renaming that :Tongue Its unfortunate this is getting released on the 23rd - I'll have to wait until January to get it due to holidays and crap.

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