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I would like to introduce you the Progressive J-Rock band called WABi-SABi from France & Korea. These are friends of mine (the singer and the guitar player).

Here is their official facebook page :

Their first release, sounding like an AKB48 J-Pop song : WABi-SABi - 希望の始まり ~ New Hope

Their last release much darker than the first one : WABi-SABi - Remake the World!

They will soon start concerts in Asia, they need a lot of support, so please, help them to reach the top by sharing, liking, and commenting their materials Smile

Jordanna. Heart
Introducing Taiwan math-rock band Elephant Gym.
3-piece. Have some good tracks up on youtube.
Here's an article about them : http://=

and a couple of videos

and a live one :

Some smooth jazz-funk from South Korea.

It's the Free Groove Drum Academy with a track by John Blackwell "Mind of J"
(If I understand what's going on, there's 2 drummers, one of whom is part of the band and the other is a student of the academy ?
I may have that wrong though.)

Anyway it's a cool tune :
Introducing supposedly the very first female Thai hard rock / AOR band Mighty Queen (ไมตี้ควีน) from the 1980s. I cannot seem to find much of information about this band and its history other than a Facebook post listing the associated personnel.

However, their self-titled album, which was released under a Thai record label called Sound Scale, sounds quite nice.

Pretty interesting, I wonder how early in the 80s they were around.
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I suspect that this will float some boats around here:

Elephant Gym, from Taiwan

Audiotree's description of them:
Quote:instrumental math/post rock trio with heavy jazz and classical influences. They write technical, agile tunes with irregular rhythms and off kilter song constructions

I did not expect to like this as much as I do.
That's actually a really cool band name. Perfect for the scene they're in.
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That's not bad at all actually.
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