General Doujin Discussion Thread
This thread is for general discussion for all doujin ongaku and doujin touhou bands.

To get the ball rolling, here are a few of my favorites:

Everything is better with Yama-B. Awesome guitar-work here too.

Rare mix of gothic and prog metal. I like the vox and they have a pretty cool mood/atmosphere.

I wish I could find more stuff like this. Pretty demented stuff.
Unlucky Morpheus is my favorite. They have a mix of instrumental and vocal albums. The singer is not for everyone, but i personally really like her.

Man, Fuki is like one of the best vocalists around - I can't fathom anyone not liking her. Her performance on that Carbonic Acid "Countdown" was pretty good too.
I agree. I hope one day she does at least one more Dragon Guardian album. Dragonvarius blows away all there other albums imo. And its because of her!
That's one of their better ones. Having Hibiki on there helped too. I like their last one quite a bit, but I think I'm starting to become partial to Dragon Eyes. Manami is a really good vocalist too.
I'm playing that latest Iron Attack! feat. Absolute Area CD Space Galaxy and its starting to grow on me a lot. It may be one of the better Iron Attack! CDs. Come to think of it, Artemis was an Absolute Area one too and liked that one a lot.
Iron-Chino must do a lot of cocaine. How else could someone make that many albums in such a short amount of time. Not shitty albums either, Iron Attack! is a damn good band. Maybe hes a robot...

Seriously though, 5 albums THIS YEAR...
His stuff is better than a lot of signed bands over here, its hilarious. Mind you, that guys like a virtuosos, so...

I wish he'd focus more on getting a new Lightning out.

That Absolute Area is a collab between him and Arthur from Dragon Guardian, btw. Strange how its considered an Iron Attack project and not a Dragon Guardian one.
I did not know that. I must check it out then.

Here is an alright band. I say alright because they are not exactly a metal band. It just depends on who is arranging the song. The ones by, i forget his name, i wanna say Snoman.... anyway his are the best ones. This being my favorite, those vocals man. She sounds great. I forget who she is though, its been awhile. I gotta look her up later.

Confusing name. Riverside being a well-known prog band and of course "Whisper Supremacy" being a Cryptopsy album.

I don't recognize the vocalist either.

There's a lot of symphonic rock/metal in the doujin scene. Siltone wasn't too bad (own all their stuff). Symholic was another one (wasn't totally sold on them). Release Hallucination is my favorite (I linked them in the first post).

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