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Dead End is a Japanese heavy metal band that's adopted more of a hard rock sound in recent times. Four full-length albums were released in the 1980s and two more in recent years. They've also put out heaps of singles and live albums.

Dead Line and Ghost of Romance are essential Japanese heavy metal albums. Raw, yet melodic.

For fans of Anthem, Blaze, Judas Priest, and Loudness.

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This band caught my interest (probably due to the goth elements in some of their stuff). I ordered the reissue of their debut, will snag the other 3 reissues later.
Shambara was a great album too. They kinda ditched their metal sound after that for a while, but Dream Demon Analyzer was quite heavy which was nice.
Oh shit, I wasn't paying attention and I ordered their live album "Dead End" instead. Anyone know if that one is any good?
(07-15-2016, 09:01 PM)Perdition Wrote: Oh shit, I wasn't paying attention and I ordered their live album "Dead End" instead. Anyone know if that one is any good?

No worries, it's very good. Lacks a bit of a live atmosphere though, but that never bothered me.
That's good to know. I guess that'll serve as a compilation and introduction to the band for me. CD Japan has albums 2-4, I'll have to get Dead Line from

In the future, I shouldn't do CD orders right when I wake up Laugh
Zero was much more pop but still pretty cool and distinct in its own right. I didn't mind "I Want Your Love" as a poppier single, but I also liked Serafine and I'm in a Coma quite a bit. All their albums were good though. Even the new ones aren't exactly bad by any means, though much crunchier.

Shambara is actually my favorite, mainly because I believe "I Can Hear the Rain" was pretty much their signature song.
"You do not see the world as it is, you see the world as you are."
The Zero material sounded kinda gothic/post-punk/new wave to my ears. Thankfully I don't mind that sort of thing.

I think Psychomania is my favorite song by them so far. The extended version of Song of a Lunatic was pretty cool too. I'll probably get whatever CDs I can from them on a future order (will be the reissues).
"Zero" clearly has not the same atmosphere as the other Dead End releases. Despite that, it is not a bad album : Morrie has an outstanding voice on this release.

Apart from that, I prefer "Ghost of Romance" : a pure concentration of energy from start to beginning ! Listening to the three first tracks in a row is just... mind-blowing !
That newest album of theirs was a treat too, at least to me. A good honest throwback to their older style, still very gothic, but way heavier than some of their other modern stuff.

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