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Concerto Moon is a Japanese power metal band that formed in 1996. They've since released eleven albums, with Fragments of the Moon through Rain Forest being their most notable releases. There are also a handful of miscellaneous releases, including live albums and EPs.

With its nod to neoclassical metal, Concerto Moon was one of the first bands to spearhead the modern power metal sound that's now quite common these days in Japan. The same could be said about Galneryus.

It must also be stated that this thread will function as a centralized discussion outlet for founding guitarist Norifumi Shima and previous band Crystal Clear, which appeared on Mandrake Root Records' Make It Shine Vol. 1 with Zenith, a band that was fronted by then-soon-to-be Concerto Moon vocalist Takao Ozaki. As such, those two bands and Shima's solo career will be discussed in this thread. Discussing Zenith guitarist Tsutomu Toya's solo 2005 album is also acceptable here, since his career is not lengthy enough to break off into his own thread. Ideally, I'd like to have a separate thread for Zenith and miscellaneous projects involving their members, but I see Zenith as more of a stepping stone for Concerto Moon, especially when three-fifths of them would become a part of the original band personnel. We have a separate thread for Double Dealer, though.

For fans of Galneryus, Stratovarius, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Double Dealer, Ark Storm, Anthem, and Precious.

Idk why i never really listened to them to much. What little i have heard i thought was great. I gotta actually get on this shit at some time!
Never could get into this band, but I never gave them much of a shot either. They've always struck me as at least solid with good musicianship.

This is from their latest album. Seems solid, but not sure I'd want to spend $35 US on it. Onmyo-Za's former drummer Tora plays on this album. Their current vocalist sings in Screaming Symphony (that band also features Mardelas' guitarist).
I prefer their earlier stuff with the original vocalist. I would start off with those albums. Fragments of the Moon is more traditional than any of their other albums that I've so far heard.
I have that single, rather obscure but not that hard to find.  Concerto Moon goes Animetal!
Music videos for the band's more recent releases. Not bad, but Takao Ozaki was their best vocalist. I love how he sustains his notes on Fragments of the Moon and Rain Forest.

What the hell? Their keyboardist Aki was apparently arrested for fraud. WTF?!?!? At least that's what google translate of this page says.

I noticed that he's not listed as a member on the band's official website either, so I guess this is legit.

Okay, here's an actual legit news source discussing the subject. Apparently he defrauded an elderly woman for 3 million yen. Wow...
Occasionally, I write Western and Japanese music reviews.
yeah - this is on their site:

Concerning the arrest coverage of CONCERTO MOON keyboardist Aki this time,
Thank you for all your inconveniences to our fans and all the stakeholders
I sincerely apologize from my heart.

We received this case heavily, as a result of discussions with members and staff,
Today I decided to dismiss Aki on February 10, 2017 (Friday).

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to our fans and all the stakeholders.

Also, the latest album that we are currently recording
And Shinjuku Wild Side Tokyo performance to be held on Sunday, April 16,
We will have support and keyboardists.

Thank you for your continued support in the future.

Shima Shima
Geez, I guess a band of their acclaim won't find it too hard to find a support keyboardist, but man I feel bad for the rest of them. What a scumbag.
Occasionally, I write Western and Japanese music reviews.

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