Gacharic Spin - Tour Tomaranai 2018 Final (August 29, 2018)
3 weeks after the Bridear DVD
Oh, wow... They announced the Bridear DVD a week before it comes out?!? Oh
I'd missed that was July, not August.
(06-07-2018, 06:04 AM)TimJ Wrote: ...but hey, no need to throw a tantrum since they're releasing a live DVD in August.

Nope, they announced the Bridear DVD back in June.
For those who will be buying both the latest Doll$boxx and GS DVDs, you can cut out and send off a token that is included in both to get a free t-shirt.

Unfortunately, gaijin scum highly valued foreign customers will need to give an overseas forwarding address (e.g. a Tenso address) if you want the shirt, since they don't post overseas.
I'm not sure that's enough, according to the official statement it seems you also have to send an envelope
Now I don't even send mail in my own country, so I'm not entirely sure if I'd mail them an envelope I bought here, the Japanese post would be able to deliver it to Tenso.
If they wanted to make it easier, they could have just set up a website where you type in 2 serial numbers which come with the DVDs, choose the size of the T-shirt and delivery address,'s 2018 Smile
ah thanks, yeah, good call, I hadn't seen that page, I just Google Translated the blurb in the DB DVD inlay.

Maybe I'll leave it - I hadn't seen the actual shirt, but since it (reasonably enough) refers to the concert I'm less enthusiastic.

Although this is completely meaningless to anyone other than myself, I'm not that big on wearing a concert shirt where I didn't actually go.
You can see the shirt on that same page, it's very plain...even the sticker they gave to those who had both tickets look better.

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