Gacharic Spin - Tour Tomaranai 2018 Final (August 29, 2018)
Features the final of the tour in 2018 held by Gacharic Spin at Tokyo Dome City Hall on April 15, 2018 including encore part. They performed 24 songs in total. Also features making-of. Comes with a live photo booklet.

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sorry posted in the wrong place
So, it looks like there's just the one version, then? No "deluxe edition" with more songs? That makes me happy.
For those who are interested in that sort of thing, my collection on
It looks that way, if so all I can say is that that’s the way it *should* be - frankly these things are fricking expensive enough already, without withholding tracks for the extra shiny version.
At least the last DVD had all tracks in both versions.

Although I do wonder if there's gonna be a limited edition seeing this catalog numbers from Victor's official announcement
2018年7月25日発売DOLL$BOXX初のライブDVD『high $pec High Return』(VIBL-904)
2018年8月29日発売Gacharic Spin最新ライブDVD『TOUR 止まらない 2018 FINAL ~良い子(415)は真似しないでネ~』(VIBL-902~3)
I wish I'd know what exactly the letters stand for, but as far as I can tell the VIBL ones are the regular editions and the VIZL ones are special editions, so I hope that 902-3 just means it has 2 DVDs Smile
The last DVD had the same songs in both versions, but the solos, Parariyahappi and Takaramono were cut.
(07-01-2018, 03:26 AM)M_M Wrote: but the solos, Parariyahappi and Takaramono were cut.

You mean this parts are on the limited and not the regular?
No, I mean those are not on either one, just like how L.I.B didn't make it onto the Dol$boxx DVD.
The week after Bridear's DVD? I may have to put them on an order together. Smile

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