Gacharic Spin - Generation Gap [Single] (September 6, 2017)
...the magic of iTunes.
I may grab this later, but I want to see what songs are going to be on the next album first. Been burned too many times with all the songs being on it.
Also the magic of iTunes - burn-proof. Big Grin
I don't think they've ever included a previous b-side in its initial form on one of their LPs? If they did it was always re-arranged.
This single is now available on US iTunes.

...and yeah, I bought it.

I think of it as my way of encouraging labels to keep bringing the things I want to the US. They probably don't get a breakdown from HMV if copies are exported, but digital sales information absolutely does include that geographic information.
Um. WOW.

The picture book is actually bigger than the one that came with the 7th Anniversary DVD. Oh

It's square, but the same height as a DVD case, so it ends up being a wide-format version of a DVD booklet, and the jewel case is in a cardboard box/frame. All three versions came in resealable bags, and all three have some sort of postcard or photo insert. I'll have to actually take some pictures when I get back later.
That single is absolutely wonderful. Both b-sides are very well done and very gachaspinny, but damn "Generation Gap" is such an eye-opening blast. The backbone of bass/drums/guitar is unstoppable, and the horns arrangements are nothing short of spectacular. Might end up being one of my favorite GS songs ever.
(08-25-2017, 09:38 AM)rollermonkey Wrote: Also, what's up with the numbers 1192 and 1185?

This goes some way to clearing up the "mystery years" thing...
I didn't even suspect that those were years, even though I knew a little about the song and it's meaning. Even after reading the whole song's lyrics, I started looking back to see what I missed before I saw that there were footnotes on that. Thanks!
Japanese/chinese people like to use numbers in a chat to say I love you, I miss you etc.....

here´s an example for chinese numbers.

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