Gacharic Spin - Generation Gap [Single] (September 6, 2017)
Gacharic Spin will be releasing a new single "Generation Gap" on September 6th. There will be 3 editions: regular, Type A (CD + photobook) and Type B (CD + DVD).
Dance Headbanger Heart Headbanger Dance

...and Pre-ordered.
Even with my GS fanboy levels, I'm a little wary of this only in as much as they have a pretty bad record of releasing singles which are then on a full-length - not cool.

That said I'm guessing they're not releasing anything else this year what with the Doll$boxx MCD, so hopefully it's a proper standalone release.

Hoping that they announce a Doll$boxx/GS/Fuki Commune tour in the autumn in which case I'll try and go.
The A-sides are on the album, but the B-sides rarely are.

...and they have a habit of putting some amazing stuff on B-sides.

Better to pre-order now and be eligible for all the pre-order swag and cancel later, than to wait and want all the versions, and get nothing extra.
(06-24-2017, 11:21 PM)rollermonkey Wrote: Dance Headbanger Heart Headbanger Dance

...and Pre-ordered.

What, all of them? Wink
They've had a few B-sides which made it on the album too. I may skip this - a couple of their singles I'm actually going to get rid of (one has been on ebay for awhile actually).
Since they signed to Victor, their singles have included one exclusive b-side ("TAMASHII") and one exclusive Gacha Gacha Dancers song. The rest of their Victor-released b-sides consist of a live recording, four acoustic songs, and a song that was slightly reworked and included on MUSIC BATTLER ("夢喰いザメ").

The DVDs that come with the singles have exclusive content. Each has a full-length music video, and their official (Victor-operated) channel either doesn't have them or has a short/teaser version of the video that isn't currently accessible from the US.

I'm not expecting the "Generation Gap" single to have any exclusive songs, but I'm still excited for it.
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As I said, I can cancel later if I don't like the non-A-side content. The bonus swag window is only until June 30.
Anyone know the track lists for all the versions? Unfortunately, neither AmazonJP nor CDjapan has complete track listings for all the versions, so I don't know. Nor does the GS web site.

While I do plan to get this single, I only want multiple versions if they each have exclusive/bonus songs. If the only difference is the photo book and the DVD (which appears to be a behind the scenes video of a one man show, and not the actual show), then I'll be happy with the standard version.
For those who are interested in that sort of thing, my collection on

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