Gacharic Spin - G-litter (April 11, 2018)
Gacharic Spin's new album G-litter will be released on April 11 in 3 versions: Type-A (CD+DVD), Type-B (2CD), Type-C (CD)

Type-A DVD includes footage of last year's 2 bigger concerts from Yaon+Osaka and the Generation Gap MV
Type-B CD will be a live CD of that Osaka show (it would be amazing if they include the whole concert, they played close to 30 songs, I think) + an old song "Mukaikaze" which was never released on CD before (here's a live version with Armmy)

OKMusic article

Those costumes...THOSE COSTUMES!!! Big Grin

Even by their standards they look ridiculous. Especially Tomo.
There's "a bit" of a contrast between this and the new DOLL$BOXX look Smile

I remember your comment, maybe she read it too and was like "challenge accepted" Big Grin

(10-22-2017, 07:28 PM)Traxan Wrote: I just think there comes a point where it looks wrong for a woman in her 20s to act like a child. At least Tomo did drop it now that she's pushing 30. I noticed Sawa of Aldious is lightening up a little, too. Eventually Kyary Pamyu Pamyu will have to drop it as well, as will every other kawaii performer.
Saw this photo, and the announcement on my Twitter feed. Made my week! I can't wait for a new album! I love the costumes. It's so outside of my usual comfort zone, but the more bonkers they are, the more I love them.
After I saw this earlier in the day, I felt the urge to have a hamburger for lunch. Couldn't really put my finger on why...
For those who are interested in that sort of thing, my collection on
I've never seen a hamburger climbing a keyboard, but maybe we will, because they do perform in these clothes Big Grin
Or indeed a hamburger with flashing blue boobs... WTF?!?!?
On tour already. They are using Gachaadin Jr. dancers in place of Nenne. They have 3 girls, and will apparently rotate who they use on the tour.

I don't know how Koga can headbang with that collar. It looks like a neck brace.

I heard about the dancer thing. I guess they’re weary of losing them, especially if they spend time training them up to play too like Nenne - so this way they hedge their bets. Think I prefer the dancers to feel more like an individual who’s a fixed member of the band, but oh well, trying to second-guess Gacharic Spin is generally not a wise move.
I hope they just added the neck brace for fun and her neck is fine (now).
It doesn't look very tight, so I guess it's just decoration Smile

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