Gacharic Spin - 確実変動 -KAKUHEN- (September 7, 2016)
Electro pop/rock/metal outfit Gacharic Spin will be releasing their new album 確実変動 -KAKUHEN- on September 7th.


Image Image Image

It will come in 3 editions: limited (type A and type B) and regular edition (depicted in that order above).

02. Friendship
03. シャキシャキして!!
04. ゴー!ライバー
05. 最後のピース
06. パラリヤハッピー
07. 恋愛スイッチ
08. 胸を張ってもいいんだよ
09. シナリオ
10. 白がこの街と僕を染める
11. リスキーリスキー
12. アルブスの少女

Type A DVD:
01. シャキシャキして!! Music Video
02. シャキシャキして!! MV Making

Type B DVD:
01. LIVE「オレオさんの婚活ツアー'16春 ~新しい出会いを求めて~」 2016.05.28
02. LIVE「オレオさんの婚活ツアー'16春 ~新しい出会いを求めて~」Making Movie

I tried posting this on MA, but the moderators seem to not care to approve it / let it show up? 


Gacharic Spin is apparently headlining a 2-stage festival at Nagoya's Electric Ladyland and ell.Size. Imaginatively enough, it's called Electric Lady Loud:

Second Stage
Metallic Spin
Ganbare Victory
the Heana Cat
6% is Mine
Anarchy Stone

First Stage
Gacharic Spin
Mary's Blood
Nadeshiko Doll
Exist Trace

I don't remember if Exist Trace contains any former Destrose members, but I know that Mardelas, Disqualia and Mary's Blood do for sure. I wonder if they'll get together and complain about Mina at all?  Big Grin
"Electric Lady Loud" is an annual festival/concert/ I'm not sure who organizes it, but I'm guessing Gacharic Spin does. There was one from a few years ago which had an insanely good lineup.

Exist Trace actually hasn't had any lineup changes, but yeah, ex-Destrose members are rather ubiquitous. We'll have Lovebites soon, which the remaining 2 ex-Destrose (Miho and Haruna) members.

Fate Gear (Mina's new band) has already had a bunch of lineup changes lol
New trailer and PV sample:

And yes, their videos are still blocked in the US! Someone uploaded an audio trailer to Dailymotion:

It may have different audio than the official trailer, I'm not sure.

My initial impression is that it's softer than MUSIC BATTLER and sounds similar to WINNER for the most part. Not a bad thing! But I won't be sure until I listen to the full album.
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There's one song or so on there that sounded somewhat metal though. I got "Delicious" vibes from this one myself.

The only thing that grinds my gears is both songs off their last single are on this one.
O hai guise. Finally made my way here with something to contribute: this very long and detailed biography on Gachapin. This guy really did his homework. Not too keen on him outing Hana like he did, though.
That was a nice read. However, he missed Metallic Spin (Gacharic Spin's metal cover side project) and former guitarist EITA was in 時空海賊SEVEN SEAS.

I probably should open up a Gacharic Spin/Doll$boxx thread one of these days.
Glad you finally made it here, Traxan. Ninja
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He also skipped Koga's modeling days. Mind you, she's 15 in this video.

Still, that was a remarkable effort. I can't believe Koga was ready to quit music and would have if Hana didn't join up with her.

It's still strange that we don't know the cause of death for Armmy.

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