Gacharic Spin - ガチャっ10BEST (March 27, 2019)
They count it from their first concert, so it's on October 8.
Tell that to Hana, who posted that info on their Facebook.
I just don't see the part where it says "today". I know it's this year, but since Koga started recruiting members around the end of March, 2009., I'm not sure it could be early February.
"Today" was my mis-spoken part. Her FB post seems to clearly indicate that the album is named because of the tenth anniversary.
There sure is a lot of Armmy-era material on that best-of compilation.
And all of them are conveniently on CD2 Smile
It seems now they have re-recorded all of them. Can't wait to hear Broken Lover and Lost angel.

(And even though it is there in Japanese, I made a bit clearer that CD3 has the live versions of the same songs as CD1)
hang on - why not do a DVD version of the "whole hog" package? I'd happily buy that but I'm not going to get a Blu-Ray player just for this....odd.

I'm generally not arsed about live albums (in reference to CD3) but I did enjoy the live recordings with whichever version of G-litter it was that had the bonus track, I've listened to it several times which I often don't do with live stuff.
The introductory version is on Spotify
Yep, iTunes too. Haven’t decided which version I’ll get yet.
So, the packaging is stupid-sized, and there's a lot of pictures throughout the booklet.

I think the most telling thing in the whole thing is the COMPLETE absence of Armmy in the pictures. All three dancers are in there numerous times, but not her.

They have clearly moved the fuck on.
That, or there's some contractual thing why she can't be.

Angie 1/3 isn't on there anywhere, either, which is weird since she's on the other two covers.

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