Gacharic Spin - ガチャっ10BEST (March 27, 2019)
They count it from their first concert, so it's on October 8.
Tell that to Hana, who posted that info on their Facebook.
I just don't see the part where it says "today". I know it's this year, but since Koga started recruiting members around the end of March, 2009., I'm not sure it could be early February.
"Today" was my mis-spoken part. Her FB post seems to clearly indicate that the album is named because of the tenth anniversary.
There sure is a lot of Armmy-era material on that best-of compilation.
And all of them are conveniently on CD2 Smile
It seems now they have re-recorded all of them. Can't wait to hear Broken Lover and Lost angel.

(And even though it is there in Japanese, I made a bit clearer that CD3 has the live versions of the same songs as CD1)
hang on - why not do a DVD version of the "whole hog" package? I'd happily buy that but I'm not going to get a Blu-Ray player just for this....odd.

I'm generally not arsed about live albums (in reference to CD3) but I did enjoy the live recordings with whichever version of G-litter it was that had the bonus track, I've listened to it several times which I often don't do with live stuff.

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