FullMooN "Paradigm" interview: BEEAST web rock magazine

TEXT: Tomonori Nagasawa

This magazine BEEAST is confidently pushing this artist forward with our seal of approval, so let's introduce FullMooN, our 43rd featured artist. Beautiful roses come with thorns. That’s why they are difficult to approach and show admiration for. Four people who are dressed in a gothic style and show off a severe look, in the shadow of beauty, if you can face the strong attraction they also have many poisons. With their loud, gothic, aggressive and darkly themed beat rock / pop tunes they face the light to familiarise themselves with it. Their scent is always being sprinkled into their songs. Whether singing aggressively or with a sunny expression, there’s always a melody that can grab you by the heart.

FullMooN, when you come into contact with them, if you think of saying “In the name of the Moon, I'll punish you!", that’s a dreadful joke. Contrary to their cute appearance their strong intense sound was more than I imagined. On May 17 (Wednesday) FullMooN will release a mini album "Paradigm". As shown in the title, which has the meanings of "exemplar, example, illustration", the five main styles of "Musical genres that a girl’s rock band should be able to do" have been arranged in a single piece by FullMooN. What kind of awareness of their current activities do they have? Let's deliver the answers here.
Every time I encounter an incident and overcome a crisis, my feelings of betting on the band are getting stronger.

—-How was FullMooN formed.......

Eren: On April 26th we celebrated the 5th anniversary. The original members are just Nene and Eren. Then Rin and Natsu joined, and we continued our activities with the current system from two years ago. Although we are a single guitar now, the sound side is expressed in a twin guitar style with that intense sound as its axis.

Nene: The musicianship of FullMooN itself has advanced a lot in the course of the past five years.

Eren: In the early days since formation, with a keyboardist member on stage we openly played pop rock, but by emphasizing our heavy music nature, the presence of the band can be increased as well as the charm of the members themselves. It evolved naturally into a style where loud sounds and powerful songs pierce the heart like at present time. The attitude of the band has changed a lot.

Nene: At first, the feeling of "enjoying things with the fans" had priority, but gradually it shifted to "let’s deliver to the hearts of those people we meet", "I want to make you cry through the music of FullMooN, I want to move you deeply". Since we began to have that awareness, our persuasive power on the music side continues to increase.

Eren: I've been doing band activities for so long. Especially in the case of the girl’s band, the longer we keep it up, the more problems that seem to happen. Every time I encounter such an incident and overcome a crisis, my feelings of betting on the band are getting stronger.

Nene: Every time we overcome hardships our minds become stronger, the passion to gamble on music becomes greater, so it has led to the possession of naturally persuasive musicianship.

—- In the case of all-female bands, don’t the line-up changes occur more frequently than in all-male bands?

Eren: It happens. There was about a time when Nene and I became the only two members.

Nene: To be honest that time was hard, but as we got over it, our mutual ties became deeper, the will to bet on the band also became unshakable.

—- When you became a two-person formation, didn’t you want to quit?

Eren: Neither of us felt like quitting at all. Rather, there was no reason for us to quit.

Nene: Yeah. Because of the addition of Natsu with the same kind of will, there’s no need to worry about it now and all the members spend every day of their lives on music with FullMooN.

Nene: If all four of us are pouring everything into FullMooN except for our private lives, that’s commonplace now.

Natsu: No!!

I want to do it carefully because none of us ask for ordinary songs.

—- How do you perceive the charm and personality of the current FullMooN?

Nene: We’re wearing fancy gothic-style costumes, and I was surprised at first by the impact of the visual aspect. Moreover, they give us an like an idol-like look just by appearance. As soon as they experience us as a live band, it seems that everyone is surprised at the presence of such an aggressive performance. The sound is heavy and the performance of Natsu on the drums, with her nickname of ‘Troubled Queen’, is terrific anyhow. Above all, each song is melodious. We have confidence that you can say that it is really cool, as there are many points to be impressed by.

Eren: As songs can be written by all four of us, their nature and variations also increase. That is also a strength.

Rin: Also the personality of each member can to be seen also from the music which she makes. Nene is a person who writes music with the piano and it shows different chords from when you write for stringed instruments, so arranging it into an aggressive sound always gives a different expression.

Nene: It’s better said that my internal rhythms are transformations of the sound. I always create strange developments such as incorporating interesting rhythm approaches and changes of rhythm. I want to do it carefully because none of us ask for ordinary songs.

Natsu: We want to do it with imaginativeness.

Nene: Natsu has a light nature, but drums are heavy and there are a lot of difficulties, but that's fine. The songs written by the rhythm side are a little strange on the rhythmic side.

Rin: Like the bass itself, I will search for songs that use the good shape of the rhythm section.

Natsu: Me too. I wonder if the songs that you listen to and hear the drums naturally are fun, like a drum being played alone!?

Eren: I mainly focus on music with riffs. What difficult and intense riffs are put in depends on our vocals, also no matter how hard and intense the changes of rhythm put in, she can express the song without hesitation. We also packed the member's individuality into the songs well of the mini album "Paradigm" to be released on May 17th.

Us four people are seriously gambling our lives on music. FullMooN can become an example showing that attitude to life

—-From here I think I would like to introduce tracks in the compilation one by one. Please let us know from the thoughts you put into the title track "Paradigm" mentioned earlier.

Eren: "Paradigm" means "example". In the current girl’s band scene, we think that it is easy to withdraw and the frequent break-ups are conspicuous. Us four people are seriously gambling our lives on music. FullMooN can become an example showing that attitude to life.

Nene: I think that there are many bands who give the impression of being "fun" "interesting" and "aggressive". The music of such bands doesn’t quite give off feelings like "I’m deeply moved" or "I’m shedding tears". FullMooN is a band that treats of such parts as very important. Actually watching live, lots of fans cry with too much excitement. We wanted to present such a "model" of music, so we gave it this title.

Rin: The members themselves put such feeling into their performances that they sometimes cry while playing.

Natsu: My voice trembles.


—- It was "Paradigm" which mixed elements of Gothic, Loud Rock and instant uplift melody into the dignified song that decorates the beginning.

Rin: The atmosphere of the song is certainly Gothic rock. Even though it is intense, it is melodious, and it’s like a curtain opens on a heartrending melody. We create the mood very carefully.

Nene: The lyrics describe the pain and anguish in keeping up musical activities in an easy-to-understand manner. I sing of the frustration of things not going well. Incidentally the motif of the lyrics I wrote was the movie "The Sea of Trees" which depicts a man who went into a great forest to try to commit suicide. At the end you see the light come to an end, but the difficult emotions are packed it there. If you hear "Paradigm", all of our feelings will be transmitted in it. Indeed, it became a song showing the attitude and heart of FullMooN at present.

"I hide an unhealed wound whilst smiling, you are the same as me."

—- You sing passionately in a beat rock sprint with a rising singing voice in "I hide an unhealed wound whilst smiling, you are the same as me."

Nene: When saying why that became the title, when I looked at the lyrics that I’d finished writing, I began to write down the words "I hide an unhealed wound whilst smiling, you are the same as me." and they struck me in my heart. At that moment the title was decided. I was shocked at the painful ending to "The Best Offer" when I saw the movie. I wrote the lyrics with inspiration from there, but I thought that it was indeed a bad ending... so I gave it a happy ending.

Rin: Musical composition is a song with a refreshing feeling of sprinting and the beat-rock of the 90's.

Natsu: The place with the nostalgic melody is great.

Eren: FullMooN is a band that emphasizes song melodies. I guess we unconsciously received this in the middle of recording the demo. Moreover, it adds spice in the FullMooN way which gives an attractive heaviness to the A melody and interlude.

"Breakthrough Solution"

—- From the beginning of "Breakthrough Solution" your right hand playing technique explodes and that terrific concentration of power completes a feverishly hot song.

Nene: I was looking for a four-character idiom that looked good because FullMooN had no title song only in kanji, I found "Breakthrough Solution" meaning "A thing not accomplished until now". The high point of this song is Eren's right hand!!

Eren: I play with the right hand from the beginning to the end. It's a really high-spirited song, but if you listening in a trance it will end soon.

Nene: "Breakthrough Solution" is only 2 minutes 58 seconds long. If you put hot water in some cup noodles they’ll be good to eat just as you finish listening to it. Please, try it.

Rin: "Breakthrough Solution" is quite fun mixture rock (Note: Japanese rap rock/metal)

Nene: You’ll also hear the places where Eren's intense death growls are interwoven with my singing voice.


—- Opening the curtain with an aggressive guitar riff, it depicts a furiously elevated drama which becomes 'egotist'.

Nene: There are many selfish people, aren’t there? Even in me, I can’t say there is nothing of that. In these lyrics, I write about the egoistic side of a person. On the musical side, it’s a very easy beat.

Natsu: The lyrics were written with the concept that Nene has become selfish.

Rin: The intro's guitar riff is really cool though it’s pretty intense.

Eren: If the impact of a strong guitar riff is included, the bass solo will come in, and if is a large number of drumbeats, the song is also melodious and easily transmitted. Above all an easy beat. Surely, we packed all the charms of FullMooN into it. Live, it’s a song that makes for a great climax.


—-The end of the mini album is adorned with hard pop tune "Shamuchara" which has always been greeted with an enthusiastic reception live from fans. It’s a slightly messy feeling.

Nene: "Shamuchara" is a classic song from FullMooN's live concerts that we’ve been playing for many years. In the live shows, all of us have the pompoms used by cheerleaders in hand and are swinging according to the sound of Eren blowing the flute. Moreover, the spectacle is always integrated together so that fans can join in with us all together. Even in terms of tunes, we have pop expression first on the album. Natsu’s rap appears en route. I also want you to listen to what she’s talking about. Also, Rin's death growls are included.

Natsu: My rap is the best listening part for this song.

Eren: "Shamuchara" itself is in the form of a re-recording. The reason is that we’ll be asked for a CD of "Shamuchara" every time we play live. Currently, since there are only works recorded by the former members, we decided to re-record to shape Shamuchara on the current members, so we made it with elements different from the previous one.

Rin: Please savour the current "Shamuchara" that we have powered-up.

FullMooN is live entertainment that you can enjoy from the beginning to the end!!

—- Regarding the completed mini album "Paradigm", what kind of memories do you all recall of it now?

Natsu: The moment I listened to the finished work, I was surprised because we had completed a really cool work. So Cool!!

Nene: The sounds that can be made only by the current four people are overflowing here as if all the charm of FullMooN, such as "cool places", "interesting places", "cute places", etc. were stuffed into the making of it.

Rin: As "Shamuchara" showed a new approach and adding slap play, all the bass was played as I liked. Please feel the increasing power of FullMooN through this work.

Eren: This time, as I played with two guitars in it, if the arrangement for the twin guitar presentation is also cool, if it’s good, and it’s no doubt that it’s a work packed with powered up forms, please listen to it.

—-You’ve done a lot of corresponding numbers live, too.

Eren: Especially in May, we’re increasing the number of live performances while also increasing the number of local performances, on June 2 will also perform an event hosted on Ebisu aim.

Natsu: On the release day of the mini album "Paradigm" on May 17, we will also shake hands and sign at the heavy metal pavilion of Shinjuku Disk Union!!

Nene: All of us four members, we are acting with the preparedness to carry on the activities of FullMooN continuously, while firmly holding on to our resolution. Please enjoy the live itself as well as it’s a unique production from the beginning to the end.

Natsu: FullMooN is live entertainment that you can enjoy from the beginning to the end for sure!!
Well, I guess that explains why Nene was rather pitchy on the first track (music was too). I guess I can assume a lot of other vocalists I listen to who go pitchy as hell (esp. when I know they can sing) are probably emoting something rather despondent.

They're definitely right about girl-bands breaking up all the time. This band has probably went through as many members as Destrose and doesn't have any original members if you count FullMooN.13. Ellen wasn't even in the original incarnation, I believe.
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Having listened to it now, it kinda reminds me of Enka vocals really.
I'm not too familiar with Enka, so I'll take your word on it. That entire song sounded rather wonky, pitchy and off, so it must be deliberate. It was rather... unpleasant in a way, but I guess that's what they're emoting, so maybe I can enjoy the song now. I'm used to some other bands I listen to doing that, but Nene is usually on point.
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Thanks, anyway who did translate this interview?
billm99uk has done all the translated reviews here so far.
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Oh great, I'm sure Nagasawa is happy with his work. Does he know that he does translate his articles?
Thanks again, billm99uk; nice work as always.
(01-11-2018, 11:09 AM)nagashiwa Wrote: Oh great, I'm sure Nagasawa is happy with his work. Does he know that he does translate his articles?

Not as far as I'm aware Wink
Feel free to request a translation here. And check out my previous work in this section.
Please bear it mind I'm always busy though and it may take a while!
(01-13-2018, 01:45 PM)billm99uk Wrote: Not as far as I'm aware Wink

If you want I can you in contact with him.

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