Fuki - Million Scarlets (June 12, 2019)
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I went ahead and split this one off into a new thread. Anyways, I'm hoping this release is still metal (hence why I put it here). We'll have to wait and see I suppose. There's some tracklisting details and stuff up on her blog.

(作詞:Fuki 作曲&編曲:Hiroaki Watanabe-re:plus-)

・題名-Album ver.-
(作詞:Fuki  作曲:Mao 編曲:Misa)

・Bloody Rain
(作詞:Fuki 作曲&編曲:Mao)

(作詞:Fuki 作曲:Tom-H@ck 編曲:KanadeYUK)

(作詞:Fuki 作曲:たなかひろかず 編曲:吉村和晃 from sow)

(作詞:Fuki 作曲:Mao 編曲:Dual Alter World)

・Habitable Planet
(作詞:Fuki 作曲:Mao 編曲:Dual Alter World)

(作詞:絵恋ちゃん 作曲&編曲:Mao)

(作詞:絵恋ちゃん 作曲&編曲:Mao)

・Sacred Bones Riot
(作詞:Fuki 作曲&編曲:Shuhei from Imperial Circus Dead Decadence)

(作詞:Fuki 作曲&編曲:安保一生)
Occasionally, I write Western and Japanese music reviews.
Where were you when Fuki sold out to the anime crowd?
Right where I always was: lined up to buy whatever she releases.
For those who are interested in that sort of thing, my collection on Discogs.com.
Sacred Bones Riot is the only track I have hope for.
Hasn't someone listened to "題名" (that's a song on the single)? Was it decent? Mao songs I would imagine should be fine. It's everyone else I don't really know about. I guess the one from the ICDD guy should be alright as well.
Occasionally, I write Western and Japanese music reviews.
It's an alright poprock song with badly programmed drums. Were it not for Fuki, no one (other than the anime crowd) would have cared for the single.
Oh fuck that's a Mao song too. I guess I better get the gun ready. Don't get me wrong, obviously "Welcome!" was poppy as fuck and not really metal either. But it did have a underlying power metal structure to most of it and at times could get surprisingly guitar heavy so it was still enjoyable.
Occasionally, I write Western and Japanese music reviews.
The songs with Jill's violin in them will probably end up being my favorite.
Oh, only just clocked that this isn’t even Fuki “Commune” any more (I know the last 2 singles weren’t either). But that was always really a solo project anyway, no?

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