Forum Maintenance
Just letting everyone know that the forums have been upgraded, and things should be good to go. Please message me in private about any errors that you experience.
We will be doing another upgrade, albeit a minor one. Please keep in mind that you will not be able to access the forums within several hours of this post!
Approximately one hour after this post, the forums will be taken offline for further maintenance. You will be notified of this during the process, should you try to access.
OK, the upgrade process is finished. There are a couple of cosmetic errors that occurred, but I will patch them up as soon as possible. One of those aforementioned cosmetic errors is when you're checking for recent alerts, and nothing shows up. If you see an icon to your right, click that to exit it, and you can scroll the page again.

The forums should be stable enough to use again, anyway. As always, do report any other problems that are experienced after this upgrade. It's a major one from our software provider, too.
The forums will be taken offline in about ten minutes for a major security upgrade. Check back in a bit.
All done now. If you spot any bugs, forward them over to me immediately.
I will be taking the forums offline in the next four or five hours for maintenance. Expect to be back about an hour later, if all goes through.
There were some technical problems experienced during maintenance, so I rolled back to the previous image of the forums. I'll have to get back to this sometime next month or so. It's very crucial.
As I have now found ourselves a new host, I will need to take the forums offline later tonight to proceed with the migration. You may or may not be able to e-mail me directly. Just wait up to two days, if all things go well.

When that happens, everyone should go to the backup blog:
Stay there until further instructions.
We're back on!

Just pay attention to the new domain name:
I'll try to save the original one as soon as possible for the new server.

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