Forum Hangman (2019 Edition)
A new year, a new game. Let's resume it on a clean slate when the year is over. As always, you're more than welcome to check out the one from 2018.

Since we're starting off a new year, whoever posts next can start!

High Scores

  1. Agonymph - 110
  2. TimJ - 105
  3. ironmaidens666 - 45
  4. Dudemanguy - 20
  5. lunaterra - 10
  6. Painkiller - 10
  7. rollermonkey - 10
  8. TadakatsuH0nda - 10
  9. Lost_Horizons - 5
Each member gets a turn. A total of ten (10) strikes, but let someone else have their turn before you try again. Whoever guesses the last letter gets five (5) points. Get it right on your first try with less than three (3) correct letters guessed by someone else and you earn ten (10) points. Only Latin characters allowed. Three (3) incorrect guesses (whole word or phrase) in total will start the next round, and the person doing the puzzle will get bonus points. If someone made an incorrect guess (whole word or phrase), they're disqualified until the next round.

Also, if it's your turn, but you can't come up with something, then someone else may offer to substitute for you. The drawback is that you may not participate until someone else takes their turn. You'll still get your points for solving a puzzle, and the substitute will only create their own puzzle on your behalf.

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Things That Will Be Deleted Without Notice:
  1. Political and religious posts.
  2. Band spammers.
  3. Kupiku shills.
  4. Leechers.

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