DOLL$BOXX - 『Live Tour 2018「high $pec High Return」』 (July 25, 2018)
For those who are interested in that sort of thing, my collection on
Torn on getting this DVD... I am not really that much of a fan of the new songs, but I would like a live DVD of the older songs... But then, although I love Fuki's voice, I would say that the mix isn't quite right, almost can't hear the guitar.
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After all the comments I was expecting it to be worse. The guitar should be louder in deed, but it's not as off-balance I was expecting. Maybe it's because I'm listening through headphones at the moment. Drums sound great though.
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I think everything sounds perfect besides the guitar being a tad too quiet.
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...and when is Tomo-zo NOT too low in the mix? EVER?
Yeah, I'd never complain if they mixed her a bit louder.
For those who are interested in that sort of thing, my collection on
got this yesterday but haven't had time to watch it.

Anyone tried to download the free shit? Inside the DVD case there's some piece of paper with a download code on it but I'm not sure what for...
So I've watched the DVD now.

I'd agree that Tomo-Zo isn't quite loud enough in the mix...surely if you're "band leader", you reserve the right to go, "turn me the fuck up on the mix"? Apparently not...

But overall it's a really enjoyable watch, Fuki sounds great and there were many points where I geeked out from a musician perspective at some of the crazy bass and drum parts being casually thrown in, without disrupting the song.

It was pretty much exactly the same show as when I saw them in 2017 (and it couldn't really be anything else since they've only got 1 1/2 albums to choose from), but the DVD definitely lived up to my memories of the live show, even though it's a completely different experience.

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