Differences between Japanese and Western live shows
(01-16-2018, 01:03 AM)Masurao Wrote: Different bands have different stamina,like how Gargoyle can play 3 hours straight at 200 bpm without breaking a sweat.

That's because Gargoyle is superhuman, we mortals are not worthy Wink
If you can't get enough of me giving my opinions without having asked for it, you can read more of it on my Kevy Metal weblog.
i see quite some phones at punk shows in Japan, maybe even more than at punk shows in the Netherlands. but not close to as many as you'd see at a metal gig in the Netherlands.

i am actually all for filming a bands live performance since pretty much none of the bands i listen too will ever get profesional videos. so i would have no way of knowing how a Zyanose or Akka gig would be like, and i woulnt even have been able to hear bands like Quang Duc Asylum, End Of Pollution, Unconcious Nondiscrimination, Zay and many more, since there are ether no proper recordings at all, or just like one venue only demo.

most of my favorites i discovered from stumbling upon live videos as well. LIFE, Unarm, Systemfucker and D-clone are all bands found this way.

now this isnt to say i am pro ''people who hold their phone in the air the entire set'', a lot of people film from the back or a low angle often from the side of the stage, or sometimes even from the back of the stage itself (friends or members of other bands playing).
This has only happened at the bigger shows I’ve been to - Anthem and Doll$boxx - but sometimes they let you in the venue early to buy merchandise.

I’ve never seen that at a Western show, although I could see it happening for some bands who crank out shitloads of “exclusive” items.

Also they gave you a bar of chocolate and some postcards at the Rie aka Suzaku show I saw, a bit random but there you go!
How was the chocolate?
If you can't get enough of me giving my opinions without having asked for it, you can read more of it on my Kevy Metal weblog.
Not bad! That said, it would be a bit odd to give something revolting as a gift, you’re better off just not giving anything at all, especially when nothing’s expected.

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