Destrose / Mary's Blood thread
I see we've done another reshuffle of the threads. Normally I don't mind and it's not my board so I don't say anything, but a combined MB/Destrose thread is just wrong. MB broke out of Destrose almost a decade ago, have multiple albums and have left Destrose in the dust. Not to mention Destrose is disbanded.

I don't know if either warrants a top level thread but they don't belong together. It's not like Aldious/Rami, where both are still active.

Anyway my 2c
But... it's not a combined thread. Oh We didn't actually change anything there as far as I know. They share a dedicated subforum specifically for stuff related to both bands where the intent is that there can be more in-depth discussion on them.

They still certainly each have their own separate threads though.
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Destrose may be long gone, but the number of bands that were subsequently formed by former members is simply STAGGERING.

Like it or not, Mary's Blood is in fact a band formed of members from not just the original split. Saki was also associated with Destrose separately, long after EYE and Mari left. That makes them unique in that they have multiple separate connections to that band. Rio is the only MB member not actually associated with Mina's old stomping ground.

Heck. even Yashiro has become connected by her recent support of Fate Gear.

Long and the short of it is that there has been a metric ton of discussion associated with Destrose, its former members and the umpteen offshoot groups that have formed from the ashes. It seems suspect at best to dismiss the effect that group has had upon the entire scene. That's how/why there's a subforum dedicated to Destrose.

It's not just a thread mashing two bands, but a collection of groups that share something in common.
Is there any other group in Japanese metal history that can claim even half as many groups connected similarly? Light Bringer seems like the likeliest candidate... But that's largely because Hibiki was in what seems like a dozen groups himself. Big Grin

Nothing changed in that section other than the title. All the threads are the same. Now maybe the title is misleading, but Destrose is long gone so I don't think they deserve a title by themselves. Mary's Blood is the most relevant Destrose spinoff (imo), so they got to share the title. Dunno unless someone has a better idea I think it's fine as is.
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Sorry you feel that way.
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