Destrose / Fate Gear
I'll get on that later. I'm not going to move things, but I will do a permanent redirect. For example, Mary's Blood will be in here and the girlband section. Velvet Cherry will be here and the hm/hr forum. This is just so people don't get confused and don't know where to find stuff.

I think the rule I'm going to make is it has to have someone who played on a Destrose CD. Lovebites is ok, but A Drop of Joker is not.
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I think I got everything moved over, except Albion - who I'm still deciding on what to do there (since Hanako was only on one single). I think there should be one degree of separation here, so Albion may be ok, but Octaviagrace is not. Would also help if the band had a prominent member of Destrose too. Most people don't really associate Octaviagrace with Destrose, and I tend to associate Albion with Tengusakura.
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Trying to remember if any other former Destrose member had a second project after leaving that was bigger than their first?

Saki would fit that, that's for sure, lol. But MB is a Destrose-related act for more than just her.
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I wonder what the video description means:
"FATE GEAR Music Video test version Limited time release"
Weird. That's been uploaded before, pretty sure on the official channel?

...maybe it's because there's so little to post with Nico from the new album?
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