D_Drive - GEKIRIN-逆鱗-/Gradation (March 28, 2018)
D_Drive will release a new single on March 28. If you understand Japanese, there's a piece all about it here:

Not sure what the title is (if Google Translate is accurate, the video title is "Release Decision" which I'm assuming is not the title of the actual single...). They are doing a one-man live prior to that where you can buy it prior to release.

I'm assuming this will be a webshop/venue only deal like their last single.
You're correct, the title of the video isn't the name of single. Laugh

They do actually say that the single will be sold in venues first, so it might end up in stores later. We'll have to see on that.
Occasionally, I write music reviews.
This is a good news. D_Drive is definitely one of those underground bands which deserve to be supported.
Yep, I like their stuff a lot. It hasn't been the easiest to come by, but I have yet to come across anything of theirs I didn't like.
D_Drive are one of my favorite Japanese bands. I saw them live last month but the gig was somewhat spoiled by hugely excessive volume. They are a very technical band with great guitar skill but it was just a wall of noise live unfortunately.
Oh, man, that's a shame. I've got their live DVD and it doesn't come across like that at all. I mean, I know what you hear on the DVD and what you hear live can differ dramatically, but still . . .
I didn’t find them to be overly loud when I saw them, but obviously each venue has different acoustics and a different soundman so these things can change according to circumstance.

Intricate technical guitar playing can be difficult to mix and can turn to mush in the wrong environment. The worst sound mix I’ve ever heard from that perspective was Steve Vai on a G3 tour - Vai was cranked to the max and you could barely even hear the rest of the band - ridiculous. I’ve seen him 5 or 6 times though and thankfully that’s the only time that that was the case.
The new single is called GEKIRIN-逆鱗- and is backed with another song, "Gradation".

Yuki blog
Its up at HMV now.


Got an album cover too.
Good good, I need to remember to buy this one too.
Occasionally, I write music reviews.

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