Concerto Moon - Ouroboros (May 22, 2019)
Yeah, I really don't understand Shima's choice to do this re-recordings compilation at all. At least if it was all new material, Hagar would have had an honest opportunity to prove himself. He'd still be the worst singer they had thus far, but this is really not fair to him, as you can directly measure him up agains the vastly superior Inoue, Ozaki and Kuze.
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Hate speech from the YouTube comments section:
Quote:曲は良いしプレイも良い。もちろん歌も良い。 でもリレコーディング・ベスト・アルバムにしてはインパクト弱い…というのが正直な感想。 島さん拘りであろうストラトのトーンですが、メタルに限らず各ジャンル通じて音が良い今現在、 この音は相対的に「薄く」聴こえます。 音圧ギリギリを狙ってベタっとした音作りになるよりはマシ…かもしれませんが リレコーディングなら、もっと攻めたエッジの効いたトーンにしてもらいたかった。
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The second guy didn't actually complain about the vocals. That's a first. Wink
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He seemed upset with the production job. I was dreading listening to the album, but I'll do it today if I find the time. Tongue
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