cinema staff / Arukara (アルカラ) - undivided E.P. (June 13, 2018)

Slightly behind the 8-ball with this. Normally I don't do splits (and normally bands I listen to don't have them), but I may get this. I skimmed a song from the other band and it sounded ok - mathy at any rate, vox were a bit odd.

Blurb from their homepage (in case someone wants to translate):
cinema staff×アルカラ スプリットEP「undivided E.P.」6月13日(水)リリース決定!

cinema staffとアルカラがスプリットEP「undivided E.P.」を6月13日(水)にリリースすることが決定しました!
CDには各バンドの新曲や、お互いのカバー曲、さらにはcinema staffとアルカラ2バンド共作となる楽曲も収録予定!
また、タワーレコードではcinema staff久野洋平描き下ろし cinema staff×アルカラ オリジナルステッカーが、その他一般店では「undivided E.P.」告知ポスターが特典として付きます。特典は無くなり次第終了となりますので、ご予約はお早めに!
cinema staff×アルカラ スプリットEP「undivided E.P.」
PCCA.04674 / ¥1,852+税
cinema staff書き下ろしオリジナル楽曲
cinema staffによるアルカラカバー楽曲
アルカラによるcinema staffカバー楽曲
cinema staff×アルカラ書き下ろしオリジナル楽曲
全国のCDショップにて、cinema staff×アルカラ「undivided E.P.」をご予約頂いたお客様には、先着で下記の特典をプレゼントいたします。
■TOWER RECORDS:cinema staff久野洋平描き下ろし cinema staff×アルカラオリジナルステッカー
■その他一般店:cinema staff×アルカラ「undivided E.P.」告知ポスター
Huh that's interesting. I've never heard of the other band (Arukara). Cinema Staff and Arukara will both have one original song, then each one will do a cover of a song from the other band, and finally the 5th song will be a collaboration written by both of them.
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^^^ I actually wouldn't mind seeing more bands try an arrangement like this. Makes the concept of split releases much more interesting (as opposed to randomly slapping two random bands together randomly).

Got a cover now.
(04-17-2018, 05:45 AM)Dudemanguy Wrote: Cinema Staff and Arukara will both have one original song, then each one will do a cover of a song from the other band, and finally the 5th song will be a collaboration written by both of them.

That sounds a lot like the Ningen Isu King-Show release from a couple of years back.
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Forgot about that one. Yeah, this is something that I'd be game seeing more bands do. I guess it'll only really work if the two bands are friends and have played together a lot.

Guess we got a PV coming soon.
Cool. An MV is out for each new song by each band.

Both sound good to me. I guess I'll have to investigate アルカラ further.
Occasionally, I write Western and Japanese music reviews.

Odd packaging.
Damn, I haven't even taken this one out of the shrinkwrap yet - I probably should fix that sometime today.

Debating on whether I want to try to keep the shrinkwrap, due to a sticker with the barcode being on it. I think that affects the value of it. However, I have zero intention of ever selling this, so it probably doesn't matter. That cardboard band going around the CD I'll keep, obviously (its sorta like a half-slipcase). Really surprised the barcode wasn't on it. I just hope it slides off easily.
This thing was a bit of a challenge to get out of its packaging. At any rate, this thing is pretty cool. I like アルカラ's cover of "great escape" the most - they made it their own and it sounds significantly different from the original, while still being recognizable. The collab track was neat, kinda funky actually.

アルカラ is on my to do list now, I quite enjoyed what I heard from them so far. Not 100% sure I'd call them math (yet), but they're fairly technical. And they have a shitload of CDs.

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