Castle in the Air
Castle in the Air was a Japanese neoclassical power/progressive metal band with some unusual time signatures mixed with classier metal and rock influences from the 1980s, despite having formed about a decade later, and with their only album released as "early" as 1999. Beyond that, they didn't release anything else, other than contributing two songs to Mandrake Root Records' third volume of Make It Shine.

One of Galneryus keyboardist Yuhki's earliest bands, and he's already quite the maestro on such an early effort. I love his playing on "Prowl for Memories", "Moon Scape", and the band's self-titled track.

For fans of Novela, Starless, Terra Rosa, Vienna, Hellen, Concerto Moon, Galneryus, and Shiranui.


You had to go and mention Starless, Terra Rosa, Concerto Moon, and Galneryus.

I don't mind that he did.
I don't care about any of those bands!
Big Grin

...but it isn't like Perdition traps me once a week, either.
Starless is awesome Tongue

At least Painkiller's bands usually have small discographies, mine tend to have 15 CDs (mind you, a lot of those are MCDs/singles) Laugh

I'll try to give those mp3s a whirl tomorrow (a bit busy with new crap today) - I should at least see if this is worth hunting for on yahoo auctions. I've seen it on there multiple times in the past.
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Just waiting on TadakatsuH0nda to upload some of my rips to his YouTube channel, since the band was never signed to a major label.

One thing I hate about bands with small discographies is that they tend to be scarce and/or expensive, such as Hellen's EP, yet Volfeed wasn't too shabbily priced!
Songs coming! They'll go up pretty rapid fire in just a few minutes here.
That's the spirit. Hand
Yeah, I'm going to need this CD in my life.
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sees updated OP with YouTube links . . . hesitates . . . clicks links
That raw, young Yuhki sound though.


He sounds very different, yet it's still very "him".

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