Bridear - Helix (April 11, 2018)
BRIDEAR will be releasing their new mini-album "HELIX" on April 11th, 2018.



02. Reason For My Life
03. In The Labyrinth
04. G・A・M・E
06. cluster amaryllis

Looks like its on Universal and here's the tracklist:

2. Reason For My Life
3. In The Labrinth
4. G・A・M・E
5. Dear Bride
6. cluster amarylis
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And it´s available for pre-order on amazon. Tongue

To the ones who are getting nervous Big Grin Big Grin
And HMV too, so I'll get this along with Gacharic Spin, Fate Gear and whatever else April 11 spams out.
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Interested to see:

a) whether the new guitarist is as good as Misa (those are quite the shoes to fill)
b) whether they drop the cookie-monsterisms.

That's my preference but I know others would disagree. I did notice at the live show last year that they played a bare minimum of the songs with harsh vocals in them.
If they dropped them, it wouldn't be the end of the world. I am curious to see how the new guitarist sounds - probably would be for the best if she was in a different style.

I'm also curious to see what overall direction they go in. Universal isn't really known for signing metal bands, so they could have a direction change here.
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Apparently this magazine comes with a copy of the new song "GAME".

Supposedly it's a heavy song.
(Sorry for bad formatting on phone post)
Don't Mitsuru and Kimi like all the br00tal stuff too? I'm sure it'll be just as core-esque as their other stuff. Also congrats to them for making it onto Universal.
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I know Kimi is down with that sort of thing. Now if they don't alter their sound much and stay metal, that'll make me think higher of Universal. That label isn't really known for signing metal over there. I think Jupiter was on there though.
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Cross Vein is I think. Supposedly.
Occasionally, I write music reviews.

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