Blood IV
Blood IV is a Japanese heavy/power metal band featuring former Concerto Moon vocalist Takashi Inoue, formed sometime in the early 2000s. They only have two albums out, both released in 2005 and 2006. Their current label, if Metal Archives is to be trusted on this one, is Triumph Records, so it's safe to say that they may make a rebound soon. The unit also features members of Emerald Aisles, Bravestalker, and Crystal Clear (pre-Concerto Moon), so you've got a solid group right there. More information on them at their old official Web site.

The music is less neoclassically driven then Inoue's previous band, of course, but I'd say that his vocals fit Blood IV's style best. This is more standard power metal, albeit catchy and innovative in its own way.

For fans of Concerto Moon, Loudness, Anthem, X Japan, Flatbacker, Blaze, Eliza, Wolf, Judas Priest, and Accept.

It's interesting that they had a chance to play in Mexico in 2006, even though their popularity was not so high...

As far as I know, Takashi Inoue left Concerto Moon to take care of his ill mother, but has he totally given up on making music? If so, a Blood IV reunion is very unlikely to happen.

By the way, I gotta check their albums Smile
I didn't know about Blood IV getting to play in Mexico in 2006, nor did I know about why Takashi Inoue leaving Concerto Moon to take care of his ill mother. Interesting information, and yeah, we don't know for sure if and when he'll be back to business. He left Concerto Moon about seven years ago, so that's plenty of time off right there.

I think I've seen some of their albums at Yahoo! Japan Auctions, but wasn't too familiar with them enough to buy them. Based on the samples so far, I could get into this stuff, but for now, I desperately need to take a break from ordering. Tongue
OK, who's the wanker that outbid me on Blood IV's second album? I promise I won't get mad. I should've stepped up my game. Tongue

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