BAND-MAID -「start over」(July 25, 2018)
Played it for the second time.

I think it really shows development in the songwriting - with more use of space, let each instrument breathe, the drums work in collaboration with the bass and the guitars do something different - but everything leaves space for the vocals.

I’m guessing (but have no idea as I don’t look at the songwriting credits) that Kanami is the main ringleader here - as long as this is written by the band, kudos that they’re trying different stuff.

I will never understand the Japanese music industry- you get a semi-manufactured band, gradually allow them to write their own songs...then let them deviate more and more from their “signature sound”?

But I like it.
Quote:Kanami(K): Recently the composing of songs is started by me making a demo, but the timing before this song I was in a slump. I couldn't decide what kind of song to make. I wanted to take care of the pillar of our songs which is hard rock, but we have also received opinions on making songs more pop or melodious. So I decided to have a talk with the band members. Actually in our 5 years it was the first time all the band members conferred about a song together. There we brainstormed and decided we wanted to make a song that was easy to sing in Karaoke. Image like a song from our first album [MAID IN JAPAN] from our indies days. So this was not going back to our major debut days, but really back to our roots.

I just got the single (and another poster). I still don't like "start over", "screaming" is okay, but nothing special. The weird thing is that "screaming" is listed at 11:49, but the actual song dies out about the 3:50 mark, then there's 3 and a half minutes of silence and at the 7:22 mark, "secret MAIKO lips" kicks off!! I like this song, but it isn't listed as a [hidden/secret track], just tacked on. I'm confused. Not enough to lose sleep over, but confused. Is this a thing in Japan?
Nah, hidden tracks have been annoying for many decades all over the world. Tongue
Occasionally, I write Western and Japanese music reviews.
Hidden tracks are very common in Japan, mostly in the indie scene though. Untitled interludes are another thing I've come across (hi Akai Ko-en!).
Doesn't every American nineties record have hidden tracks? I know of quite a few...
If you can't get enough of me giving my opinions without having asked for it, you can read more of it on my Kevy Metal weblog.
That trend kinda died off over here, or at least I haven't noticed it as much. Still alive and well in Japan. Kinda annoying, actually. I'm more bothered by unlisted bonus tracks than hidden ones though.
Bonus tracks that are listed, but not actually on the cd are infinitely worse though Wink I have one album on which that is the case, I think it's one of the Anthem reissues, but I'm not sure.
If you can't get enough of me giving my opinions without having asked for it, you can read more of it on my Kevy Metal weblog.
I've had that happen before - 2nd Luca Turilli album. Guessing it was a misprint or something.

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