Bad Distros
It would be wise to avoid these sellers, either they severely mis-advertise products, grossly overprice things, sell fakes, scam people, etc.

For price gougers, a couple common sellers come to mind who I've noticed are exceptionally bad for this on Yahoo Japan despite huge catalogs, blackstarcastle who tends to price gouge for $300 on $50 items (some are worth more than 50 of course, but should never go as high as he lists them).

Another is qld96 who regularly tries to sell $60-$100 tapes for $3-600, or tries to sell some of X Japan's demos (even the rarest ones like I'll Kill You are only supposed to be in the neighborhood of $3-400 depending on condition) for over $1000 a piece. qld96 tends to not even know what genre several of his items are, ("it might be hard rock" for example is almost a direct quote from one of his ads) indicating that he hasn't even tested them to see if they play properly so you would be buying them blind essentially. Major red flag on that one. These are the kinds of sellers who ruin the market and make music inaccessible to people who want to hear it. Have a look at his prices:
Genka Music Market! Dear god, I hate that asshole! He's a total shill. I usually goes into bidding wars with people and flips the CDs he won later at brutally inflated prices. I don't see him on Yahoo Auctions anymore.
Ugh that type of bidder is the absolute worst.
Hahaha, "it might be hard rock"  Big Grin
metal is in the wrong hands! Angry
We need to fix it by all mean.  Wink
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Speaking of bad distros, another one to avoid would be that kissmydisc/kipuku/kupuku (or whatever they'll change their name to next) guy. Hilariously overinflated prices on nearly everything. Here's an egregious example, Onmyoza's 黒衣の天女 single for $191.26. Of course, this thing isn't even remotely rare and can be easily found for a few hundred yen through a simple yahoo auction search.
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You know, I'm about 99% sure I bought from him once, the kissmydisc name is super familiar. Hope I didn't get ripped too horribly on whatever it was... WTF?!?!?
Okay, let's give this a little update.

jnsyn936 - Absolutely avoid buying from this seller, he has a bunch of rare demos in his collection, and literally all he sells are garbage bootleg CD rips of demo tapes and other rare stuff, as well as poorly cobbled together messes of live songs and other things like that. He sells many of them at the price of the real demo too! That's sometimes up to 100 bucks for a shite CD bootleg of beat up old cassettes. Maybe my least favorite seller on all of Yahoo Japan.

Blackstarcastle - This guy shows up on Yahoo every once in a while, he's much like qld96 mentioned above, a total shill. Hundreds of dollars for items that while maybe rare should generally be significantly under $100.

naonao70297070 - Another awful price gouger, for example $1,000 USD for 200 bucks worth of Terra Rosa stuff. No good.
As we all know Kupiku very well..... since they try to rip off people with their service fee, some sellers outside of Japan trying to sell their CD´s at the same price now. Angry Angry

I´ve got some CD´s on my discogs want list and prices rises the last months from non japanese seller to equal Kupiku.
Thank goodness that Underground Symphony from Italy gave Dudemanguy and I very fair prices for the Castle in the Air album copies, which also included the obi strips. I can't even imagine what Kupiku would charge for THAT one. Angry
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Another rip off from Japan on discogs - Magius.

Selling CD´s for the same or more as Kupiku and has 51 negs and 49 neutrals.

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