Ark Storm - Voyage of the Rage (February 14, 2018)
Once more details arrive, I'll edit this post. Mark Boals is going to be on vocals. I'm actually quite interested in checking this one out, as I've always liked him best among Yngwie J. Malmsteen's choice of vocalists. Trilogy is great, great stuff.
Aha - Walkure retweeted this. I wonder who’ll be putting this out? Rolleyes

Edit - King Records! OK...not what I expected...

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A one minute plus trailer for 10 seconds of proper music... Welcome to Japan?

The vocals are way too loud, but I just hope that's done in order to emphasize Mark Boals' vocals...
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I'm assuming there will be more trailers coming. So maybe 10-15 seconds of new music each week? Tongue
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Not too bad. I just hope the sample sound quality sucks on purpose. Laugh
This could only be great. Mark Boals is terrific for this style of music.

Looks like their old CDs are getting reissued alongside the new album.
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Nice, and I'd just picked up Beginning of the New Legend and The Everlasting Wheel. I think No Boundaries is their most expensive album of the three, so I'll probably just get that one as a reissue.
Album title has now been confirmed as Voyage of the Rage according to their official site.


1.Glory forever
3.The reason
4.Voyage of the Rage (Instrumental) 
5.Meek to rule the world
7.World of lies
9.Death machine
10.Witchcraft Stone (Instrumental)

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